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Belated Weekend Write-Up

Ugh, not sure what’s up…maybe the grey? The fickle early spring weather? I’m dragging and this blog-writing has been dragging too. Sigh. My son threw a tantrum yesterday morning that he was tired and just wanted to sleep all day and NOT go to school. #allthefeels He went to school.

The weekend’s run was…ok. 13 miles of trails out at Palos averaging around 10 min miles (with one flight of Swallow stairs). It was great company, but we did 1.5 loops, and that second .5 loop was tiring. The hills felt hillier, the mud muddier. I was just glad Kelly was doing it with me (the others only did about 1 loop). Still, we had a nice little crew out, and it was my first run with Deanna (I think) since the Hateya Trail Race in December (that’s her, third from the left)! And I think my first run with Katie in a year (second from right). Geez, people get busy. Katie’s busy training for a half iron distance triathlon in the fall. Sigh, I still haven’t made it back into the pool since that one time earlier this year…

One of the things I like about trail running is that no one makes you feel like a loser when you walk the hills 🙂

Most of the path was decently dry, but there were definitely some patches that were still bogged down. 

It was nice getting the group together, especially since Laura, Kelly, and I will all be at Ice Age (Laura is doing the half). I was sad to see most of the group break off, leaving me and Kelly to suffer through another 5 miles. I’m not sure if it was the 6 miles I did the day before that left me tired or if I’m just TIRED lately…either way, it’s not doing much for the old self-confidence for Boston. I’m also doing stupid things like looking at my mileage and comparing it to previous training cycles and then berating myself for not running enough.

Sigh. I’m trying to just be in it and just accept where I am, but it’s a bit much right now. For a variety of reasons, I feel pretty checked out from training, work, parenting, life…and I keep dredging the reserves to keep moving and keep doing what I need to, but it’s not great. A friendly recently called me out on some of that behavior and it hurt, but it was also much needed. I can’t keep using excuses of “I’m busy” or “It’s too much” to NOT show up for other people in my life and think I’m “getting away” with it. There does need to be some accountability. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I think I need to find a way to both recharge and re-connect with what I need to do. This is the point where I flash back to those, “Calgon, take me away” commercials of my youth. Ha. A few years ago, I was really working on mindfulness and simplifying. Instead of running around so much like a chicken with its head cut off, I think I need to really slow down and reconsider what I need to do…

We had a pretty open weekend for the first time in a bit, so we decided to go downtown and check out the Field Museum. It was crazy busy, but we got in to see the terra cotta warriors from China exhibit. It was pretty amazing to think that there were thousands of these buried. I was slightly disappointed to see that there were less than a dozen figures on display, but it makes sense. They are over 2000 years old, so I’m sure it’s quite a production just to transport these. I was fascinated to see that they weren’t all the same. Meaning, it’s not like they were stuck in a mold and cranked out. Each figure was different with different facial features, positions, and clothing. Amazing.

They had a mock-up of what they thought these warriors looked like back in the day PAINTED. They weren’t just the raw terra cotta color, but they were painted to look more life-like. I guess there were enough bits of paint for them to reconstruct the appearance. The almost cartoonish brightness of the colors reminded me of the Sistine Chapel when they started restoring the panels. People had assumed for a long time that the somber, dark colors were what they were painted like. When they started restoring them, though, they were startled by how shockingly bright they were. It’s funny to think that the sepia-toned images of history we have get translated into us thinking that’s the color people lived in 🙂

Gotta say, you can’t beat Chicago’s skyline on a blue day.

I was really excited to get Japanese food afterwards at a joint within walking distance. The ramen, sadly, wasn’t as good as it looked in this picture. The broth was super-yummy and flavorful, but the noodles were on the dry side. Still, we don’t often get a chance to eat Japanese since the kids don’t do sushi, so it was a fantastic end to a pretty good day.

The boy also really enjoyed the ramen broth. I tried to convince him to either hold the bowl and drink it (the more Chinese-way) or stoop over the bowl and quickly spoon the broth into his mouth (the more Korean-way…I think, anyway, I could totally be wrong). He decided to go with a completely different method, the straw.

Anyhow, how do you try to juggle things in your life, be present and show up? But also not fry out completely? How do you keep your training fresh? Or at least grounded?

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Spending time on self care

Women can be bad at self care (yes, I know it’s an overgeneralization). Moms are even worse. Running moms the worst. One way I know this is even the targeted health advertisements I see for women to get mammograms or other screenings, and the advertisement is spun as a “You take care of everyone else, but you also need to take care of yourself in order to do that.” As a mom, you put your own needs and sometimes health behind others (ask any mom what happens when they are “sick”). As runners, we’re even more prone to ignore aches and pains until it’s too late. I get the extra awesomeness of being Korean and having grown up with self-employed parents–read: having minimal insurance/access to doctors–so I don’t go to the doctor when I’m sick or for much in general. Just to give you an idea, my dad slipped/fractured a disk in his neck and ended up having major surgery, wearing a halo brace, and being out of work for a year. And he didn’t go to the hospital, in fact SLEPT on the injury, until the next day.

So yeah, learning to ignore pain and what my body wants or needs runs pretty deep. Recently, Craig (my myofascial guy) gave me a long lecture about how I really needed to work on self care to keep myself injury-free. I couldn’t just ignore stretching, etc. And he may have muttered a thing or two about aging…

And the fact of the matter is that I’m not 25 and gutting out my first marathon through excruciating pain and thinking it’ll all go back the way it’s supposed to in the morning…or in 3-4 months since I refused to run for awhile after that first marathon.

Whereas before, I used to not understand what people meant by this “warming up” before running they would do, and I had no idea what a foam roller was until my second marathon. Oh, and I started training for my first marathon in cotton. A lot has changed. I still don’t warm up, but I do sometimes stick my legs (meaning I use “the stick” or “tiger tail” to massage my legs a bit) and do some dynamic pre-emptive stretching before a run. I wear compression religiously to ward off “something” much like garlic for vampires. I spend more intimate time with my foam roller than I do with my husband. And I’ve always been good at stretching afterwards, but it was only for at most 5 minutes. Craig was talking about spending some serious time getting into the tightness, maybe backing off the mileage, and doing more yoga and other activities.

The brat in me wants to stomp my foot and go, “REALLY?! You want me to do MORE STUFF to be able to keep doing the stuff I’ve always been doing?” Um, yes. As much as I hate to admit it, my body has changed. And my threshold for discomfort has lowered. Don’t get me wrong, I can take pain like no one’s business (hello, two natural child births), but I’ve begun to realize more and more that I don’t HAVE to. And maybe I SHOULDN’T (yes, this post is all about caps). Maybe that’s wisdom. Or just being an adult.  

14 miles in 2 degrees. i can take pain.

I see this in other areas of my life. The other night, I crashed hard at 7:30. After a brutally cold 14 miles starting at 6:15 am, my body was done for the day early. I demanded a lot from it, and it wanted a lot in return. I actually debated forcing myself to stay up. Watch bad shows. Read. Putz on the interwebs. As if some “cool patrol” was watching me and assessing my dork factor for going to bed on a Saturday night so early. But no one was watching. I was the only one who had to face the consequences of my actions. So I went to bed. I slept a solid 11 hours.

I have begun to realize more and more that if I don’t take care of myself, I will be one miserable runner, mom, wife, and educator. And I will make the lives of those around me miserable. And that doesn’t have to happen.

So I go to bed early. I call people when I’m struggling with my depression. I go to yoga. And… I drop down running plans. Boom.

Yup, I decided to move from the 5 day/week running plan to the 4 day/week. My body isn’t happy with what I’m doing or have been doing. Something needs to change. And for some insane reason, it freaks me out to admit it to myself and change the plan, and admit it to others. Even though no one is judging me for it, and most of my running friends would encourage me to be healthy and do what my body needs. But there’s a sick little devil on my shoulder that tells me that I’m not a REAL runner if I’m not cranking out 50+ miles a week. If I’m not running 5-6 days a week. If I’m not running a sub 8:00/mile on the daily. If I don’t make the top X percent. So you push and “dig deep” until your well is empty and you are spiritually or physically broken.

No thanks.

I’ve been there and done that. And I don’t need to go back.

But that’s taken me a long long time to learn. And it’s definitely progress, not perfection. It’s the long view. Boston was once a bucket list for me. And now that it’s on the horizon, I want to make sure that I can actually run it. I don’t know if I’ll run it more than once, so I want to make sure all my crazy work the last two years actually means something. I take it back, it DOES mean something whether I get to run Boston or not (as of right now, btw, there’s nothing to stop me but myself). That I can work hard, attain my goals, and bust my guts doing it. And regardless of what happens at Boston, I’ll know I did good and I’ll be with friends. *cue soaring, inspirational music* But that only happens if I’m healthy and strong enough to get to the starting line. And that only happens if I listen to my body and take care of myself.

Even the elite runners do this. Deanna Kastor pulled out of the Olympic Trials pretty last minute, and Kara Goucher said she “left it all out there,” but it wasn’t enough to make the Olympic Team (although since she was 4th, she’ll be the official alternate). Even Desi Linden, who pulled an amazing second half of the marathon, said she had to trust her plan and not punch it in the first half to keep up with Amy Cragg and Shalane Flanagan (and that plan is what got her to pass Shalane just within the last mile or so and nab second). Amazing. So even the elites have to listen to what their bodies and spirits need.

Sorry if this post was all over the place, but I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to figure out what I need and how to keep myself healthy on lots of fronts. I didn’t have a great foundation for those things growing up, so it’s new terrain. Anyhow, hope you all had a great run this weekend, whatever your plan was.


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California Dreaming

I’ve been sitting on this post for months. Literally. But, with the cold and grey, I thought it was time to get California dreaming. This is a lot of photos because it was actually two visits!

California: Part 1

I went to visit my family in August. Somehow, even though we’re from Illinois, my entire nuclear family–both parents and both siblings ended up in California. I am now the lone, landlocked, Midwesterner Kim family member. While I was looking forward to seeing my family and seeing the gorgeous LA area, I was also nervous because I had to do a 20 mile run. On vacation. Oy vey. But let’s start with the beauty.

Those are my naked children (including my daughter who is only wearing shorts and underwear–keeping it classy, folks). My dad is the man dressed like he’s about to head out to the desert. I don’t love the beach, but there is such a primordial connection to the ocean I have to say. And my son LOVED it.

Blue skies for days!

And we got to have a little sunset happy hour (my bro on the left and Mr. Sometimes Runner on the right).

And because we’re fancy like that, we took in some culture with the kids at the Getty Museum. FREE! In the mountains! Gorgeous.


The gardens were amazing and I couldn’t take enough pictures.


My daughter found all the nudity in the art museum very humorous. She kept shouting, “They’re naked” at all the art showing nudity and laughing. It was funny, but also embarrassing. Here she learns about the female form.

Who doesn’t love a painting of a giant rhinoceros beetle impaled by an equally large pin?

There’s been some scandal in celebrity gossip lately about Alyssa Milano being shamed for breastfeeding. Look, even baby Jesus breastfed openly.

Here’s the 20 miler I did along the ocean. I had originally hoped to run with a Long Beach area running club, A Running Experience Club. They were also going to do their 20 miler in preparation for the Long Beach Marathon. However, timing and such didn’t work out. They were very kind and shared their route, though, and I used some of it to guide my run down to Newport Beach and back.

One thing that was fun was my decision to do my “ice bath” in the Pacific Ocean. It was COLD! And I was sweaty, but it was pretty awesome to wade in and be in the water.

My family made fun of me for taking pictures of these squirrels along my run, but they’re squirrels. That live in the sand. The sand, people! And the markings on the squirrels look different from the fat suburban grey squirrels that are so prevalent back home.

Yum, Korean food in the LA area does not get better anywhere else in the US. Sigh. My sister, brother-in-law, and niece.

We also attempted to force our children to enjoy nature and go on a long hike in Griffith Park. There were alot of tears, gritted teeth, and threats of abandonment. But we got to the observatory and back. The hills! I was jealous of all the runners I saw out there.


One of my shorter runs I did in Long Beach and stumbled upon some fancy Venice canal-like areas. The houses were gorgeous and there were even little canals with bridges over. I can’t imagine being surrounded by such beauty all the time. I know people must get used to it, but it was glorious coming from the Midwest.


They even had Italian-like plaza centers with fountains.

It’s hard to find Korean buns like these. They are called “wahng mandoo,” or “king buns.” So amazing in the heart of Korea Town in LA.

Wyeth was very sad to go home.


I got a chance to go back to California just a week go. My sister had her second kid, a boy, and I went to go meet him and help. I went solo since it was so expensive. Yay, alone adult time! This time, instead of the LA area, I went to the Bay area.


My adorable niece.

I wasn’t allowed to hold my nephew the first day because my niece has been so attention-starved, we were pretending I came just to see her. Ha. I finally got some snuggle time the second day. Swoon. New baby cuddles and new baby smell.

As a good Korean and older sister, I made a traditional Korean New Year’s dish, ddeok guk, a noodle soup dish. Eating it is supposed to bring you long life and prosperity. I have to say that I did pretty good 🙂

My sister’s family lives in the East Bay, within short distance from the Ohlone Greenway, a pathway that runs along part of the BART line. I ran part of that, which was nice.

Gotta love public art! Roosters no less.

I also did a 14 miler along the Bay going north. The first mile was long the highway, so not so pretty. However, it soon opened up and even ran through part of a nature preserve. Always fun seeing the sun rise, right?

There were some tiny sections of trial that ran alongside the paved path, so I took the opportunity to get some different terrain underfoot. There was also a massive dog park that was acres and acres of happy, unleashed dogs, with lots of trees and open area. Almost made me want a dog (except that whole picking up poop part).

I ended at the Richmond Marina and scooted back. Overall, it was a great run, but I did realize that I hate my Saucony Guide’s. I had packed only those shoes and I generally don’t run in them for my long runs. I save them for my recovery runs. I realize they are just too much shoe for me, and I blame them and my long run in them for attributing to my pre-plantars issues. Like I said in the previous posts, Bill scolded me about switching between stability (the Guides) and neutral for longer runs. We’ll see…I just got the Saucony Triumph for more cushioning but still neutral form.

Anyhow, happy Friday, people. I’m going to try a short run today after taking the week off. Wish me luck. I will leave this little bit of California beauty for you.

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

We have a winner for the Dear Kate underwear giveaway! Deanna D! I’ll be contacting you via email soon. Thanks everyone for participating in my first giveaway. I hope to have more in the future.

I did my long run yesterday morning instead of today, because it was easier with the vacation plans. I had 15 on the books, but because of various time issues and straight up tiredness, I ended up only doing 14. My legs have been tired and super tight this week. I need to get on my foam roller some more. I had wanted to do a yoga class Thursday for my cross training/strength day. However, it was also my first day of teaching summer school so the schedule just wouldn’t accommodate an hourlong class. I ended up doing a short Jillian Michaels cardio kickboxing workout instead. Good cardio workout, but hardly great for lengthening and stretching muscles.

I got a chance to try out my compression tights from Ragnar. As a captain, I got  free pair of Pro Compression socks. Since I only own Pro Compression socks, I was pretty excited about getting another pair. I wasn’t in love with the color, as it seems like it would be hot, but they were perfect for the overcast, low 60s morning. I also realized that they are more slimming in a darker color. Haha. Hey, a girl with radish legs has got to do what she can 🙂 I have a pair in white with red and blue trim (like old school traditional knee high socks, that make my calves look like giant tree trunks). I usually wear them under stuff.

I was glad to have some extra support. My right leg is all wonky. The inside of the ankle is tight the first couple of mile, and then I have super tight points in my right foot. I haven’t had plantar fasciitis before, but I might need to do see Dr. Google about it. It makes me nervous, and I’m doing the typical runner thing of treating it by ignoring it.

And because I’m obsessed with form, I went to look at my oldest pair of running shoes to see what was going on. Considering these are Newtons and there’s a pretty visible tread on the heel, I think it confirms that I’m a heel striker. Sigh. However, it indicates some imbalance that there’s a noticeable difference in the wear between left and right. I seem to be striking more on my left side, so I’ve been focusing on trying to do more mid foot on that side.
I also noticed that the tread on the right toe-off section shows more wear on the right side, so I’m not just landing differently, I’m also pushing off differently. (First pic is the right foot and second is left)
I’ve been reading a lot about how imbalances on one side often manifest in injuries on the other side, because you are over-compensating on that side, I’ll have to examine it a bit more. Anyhow, weekend plans call, so I’ll follow up with my results from Dr. Google Monday. Hope everyone has a good run, and a safe holiday weekend. Feel free to chime in with any ideas for diagnoses, experiences, etc.

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Donuts, deer, and Ragnar

Today was National Donut Day. I took one for the team and ate a donut. Mostly to justify buying more coffee…Dunkin Donuts was giving away free donuts with a purchase of a beverage.

I know, I know, I didn’t buy my donut local or gourmet or whatever. And my coffee was full of sugar and cream (or whatever that white stuff they call cream is). But my local coffee shop only carries the local gourmet donuts on the weekend, and I had both screaming whining children with me in the car on the way to the zoo. So drive-through major chain it was. I regretted not buying the larger size…or maybe double fisting it.

Today was a great day for the zoo. Greyish and cool. This was particularly helpful for my red-headed friend and her milky-white children (on a side note, they are going to attend the Redhead Days festival this weekend. Yup, it’s a thing, and they are a mostly red-headed family, although the palest of that lot is a blonde. She thinks that 3/4 is good enough. Ha). It was a pretty great trip minus the five million schools that all decided to make today their field trip day. We even did a little trail hike that we’d never been on before. Who knew?

It was a sudden turn for the cold, though, as two days ago, we were doing this.

And celebrating the birth of summer like this

But then, you know, it’s Chicago. So it’s cold again today. Sigh. BUT, I did get some hot and hilly training in before the weather dropped. I was able to work out some last minute childcare stuff, get a decent run in, AND try out the Dear Kates (but you’ll have to wait until next TMI Thursday for the review). One of my favorite runs is Waterfall Glen in Darien, IL. It’s crushed limestone, pretty, and you’re forced to run about 10 miles. Oh and there’s a handheld pump. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I headed to Waterfall Glen with the best of intentions, of doing at least 9 miles if not 10. However, my over-exuberance at Orange Theory so quickly on the heels of my tempo run Tuesday was a mistake. My quads were tight and sore, and it was crazy hot (for me). I dialed down my expectations to 3.5 miles out and back. Within that hour, I drank through both bottles on my belt and was fantasizing about more. I saw horse poop, a million dragon flies, a surprising number of walkers, a blue jay, and a deer. I also ran a bunch of hills with sore quads. That sucked. This was nice, though (that’s a small pond in the middle if you can’t tell).

And look! Another (better) picture of a deer! I actually debated taking a picture of the horse poop on the trail, but I thought I’d spare you. I have to say that I was pretty excited to see the finish sign at the trailhead. I was surprisingly sweaty, tired, and thirsty.

Ironically, part of my podcast was about people with chronic blushing problems. Could my face be any redder here?

Thank God you have to work hard for any extra water you want after your run! Yup, they force you to pump your own water from a lovely handheld pump that makes your hands reek of metal. At least the water is cold. And the pump IS a nice shade of blue 🙂Of course, that meant only one thing later in the day. BROWNIE SUNDAE.   

Finally, we are in the single digits for days until Ragnar. So I figured it was time to dig out this box. Yup, when you’ve captained two years in a row, you get a box of random stuff marked “Ragnar.”  And inside, is this magic box of goodness. Streamers, van markers, an ungodly number of glowstick things, random tulle/netting, team magnets, Biofreeze, maps, and batons won from the last two years (second place last year and third the year before). Um, I’m still waiting on some people to pick those up…aaaaaannny day now…Our team theme is “ladies from the 80’s” so that netting might come in handy. I kinda missed the 80’s so it’s all conjecture on my part (I blame my crazy Korean parents. I mean, uh, I bring no shame to my family and my parents were amazing!). 

Anyhow, hope everyone has a great long run this weekend! Oh, I almost forgot. I had submitted a selfie for Another Mother Runner’s Saucony selfie contest. I didn’t win, but I did get our pic up on their page (with Kirstin and Corinna). It’s in the first block, bottom left side. And I do think it’s a good one 🙂

Big plans for the weekend? Redhead Days anyone? Race prep?

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Some random photos and thoughts on a recovery run day

I have a 20 miler in the morning, so obviously I need to fuel up.

Today’s early morning run was canceled because we were weak and used our fear of rain as an excuse. It didn’t rain until after we would have finished. We are just burnt out. Last long run this weekend.

The sun came out though, and I squeaked in a short 4.5 miles (not the scheduled 7). We also got to sneak in some fun sun time outside.

Jen and I are out of control with the emojis on messenger. Someone has to stop us.

Finally I had to stalk my hair stylist to find his new place of work. It’s serious stuff, one’s hair. I love him. He’s Asian and know how to work with my hair. I know everyone says Asian hair is so perfect blah blah blah, but it has its quirks!

Anyone else obsessed with emojis/stylists? 

Best/worst pre long run food?

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A homeless man once told me that I “ain’t got no kind of ass”

Today, reading an old Running Times article (more on that in a minute), I realized that he was right. I have a weak, lazy butt. BUT (haha), that doesn’t mean I have to take it laying around! I’ve been having some wonkiness with my knees and ankles. I figured it was all IT band stuff–the root of all runner evils. But now I’m beginning to wonder if it IS weak glutes. Especially since one of the clues to identifying this “form flaw” is post-run mud smudges on your calves. I had previously thought that either I needed to work on my kick or that it was just a muddy run when this happened.

2015-03-12 12.42.14

I’m rethinking this theory now. I’ve done PT in the past for weak glutes and hip flexors…oh, and IT band… GRR. Like any good runner, I promptly stop doing all exercises and forget any newly gleaned knowledge the minute my sessions are done. So I dug out my old therabands…some of them cracked from age, so it might be time to get some new ones. Anyhow, the article isn’t the most well-written in terms of describing the exercises to help remediate some of this. I found some super short YouTube videos here and here by the coach/trainer cited in the article, David Scott. I’m a more visual person in general, but exercises are hard to explain anyway so I appreciate the demo. I’m about 4 weeks out, so perfect time to squeeze in some strength training to the NONE I’ve been doing.

Back to why I had an old Running Times. Someone recently posted on my local running group Facebook page asking if anyone wanted their old Runner’s World magazines. I already have a subscription, but someone else offered up their old Running Times magazines. *cha-ching* I’ve wanted to check out Running Times for awhile as rumor has it that it’s the “serious” runner’s magazine. Of course that means I feel like I’m not serious enough for it. Even though I’ve been running for a long time. And I’m not sure how “serious” you have to be to browse a magazine. 2015-03-28 19.14.38Anyhow, I picked them up today, and I actually squealed in excitement–especially when I saw that she (Deanna) had snuck in some Ultra Running magazines for “inspiration” as she put it. [On a side note, Deanna is an awesome coach/trainer/race director/runner/Ironman triathlete extraordinaire. You can check her out here]. The level of runnerdiness that is exemplified in squealing in excitement over a magazine called Ultra Running is beyond words. Does anyone else get excited over ridiculously dorky things like that? Which reminds me of a joke: “A marathoner, a vegan, and a cross-fitter all walk into a bar. I only know because they let everyone in the bar know within 2 minutes.” I’ve also seen a version of that with the marathoner swapped out with an atheist. Ha.

Speaking of actual running…today was long run day. An “easy” 12. Somehow it didn’t feel that easy. I will admit that at mile 4.6, there was a fair amount of swearing (mostly from me, though I was not alone) cuz it felt so much longer. It was cold–grr, 20 degrees. And darkish when we started. All factors contributing to the decreased enjoyment of the run. But it was good little crew, Jen, my friend Emily who’s doing some serious training for a half, and my friend Patty who qualified for Boston last fall and is going in 2016 (though the way she talks about herself, you would think she was the slowest runner ever). We made some wisecracks, though, talked babies, periods, “the change,” and kids barfing. The usual Saturday morning mom runner chatter. 🙂  It got a bit easier, although I am the route master and I made us end going up and down the only hill around here.

2015-03-28 08.36.25

Patty’s plan called for 14 miles, so she didn’t make it in the picture. 😦

I am not a good selfie-taker. I think part of it is that I have a big face so I am not inclined to be the one closest to the camera. It’s true. It’s a Korean thing. That’s why Margaret Cho was like passing out from hunger but didn’t look “thin enough” when she was doing her sitcom American Girl. They have surgeries in Asia to “fix” that. But I won’t be shaving done my bone structure any time soon. OR EVER. I also get tired of everyone looking so perfect in their running blogs, so I’m trying to keep it real. HA. BTW, Jen and I are wearing the same Sugoi running hoody. I would like to mention that I bought it first, well at least an earlier iteration of it (my first one is smurf blue). Well, actually, my friend Yolanda (my first running friend!) bought it for me. But I had it first. Not that it’s a competition or anything…

Anyhow, tomorrow is rest/easy/crosstraining day. Woohoo! Hope everyone has a good one.

Favorite strengthening exercises? Running magazines? 

When do you think you’re a “serious” runner?