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Hump Day Hill Repeats

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Yesterday was rough. I crashed out at 7:30. After sleeping for 10+ hours, I still feel like I could sleep more. There wasn’t anything spectacularly bad, just sheer tiredness. The kind where you want to go to bed and not get out until the next decade. Or at least the next presidential election cycle, right? Sigh.

After dropping off pretty princess at preschool yesterday, I headed to campus and worked most of the day on all the various sundry and unglamorous aspects of professor life. STARTED thinking about some of my writing projects, but only managed to look at my notes and print a few things to get ready. That might need to happen tomorrow as today is filled with a million meetings and a cram session for a faculty book discussion I’m supposed to help lead.

Since I’ve been struggling so much with the speed, I decide to at least do something else different with training to get stronger. I took advantage of being out by Waterfall Glen and decided to go with hill repeats. Sadly, those hills felt/looked much bigger in real life than they do on the elevation map of my Garmin.


I was going to do all of Big Bertha, but for the sake of time and efficiency, I just decided to do a big hill. Or what I thought was a big hill. Dubious now…Big Bertha is somewhere between miles 4 and 5. It’s about a half mile stretch, I think I got the bottom quarter of it. I didn’t want to spend half a mile doing the downhills because a) it bothered my left Achilles/ankle (I really gotta figure out what’s going on with that) and b) it seemed like too much rest/recovery time doing the downhills.

One of the nice things about the hill was a little overlook at the top so there was some reward for the work.


Today’s a rest day. Ideally I would squeeze in a yoga workout, but I think I’m going to have to settle for bringing some of my recovery tools to work (travel stick and foot massage ball) and doing it in between meetings. If I get home before 10, I might do a 10-15 minute yoga stretch routine. Otherwise, it’s too much.

That brings up something I’ve been curious about with ultra running. I stretch myself time-wise to fit in marathon training, and while the 50k seems somewhat more manageable time-wise, everything beyond seems really difficult. I’ve noticed that the bulk of folks who are most active on my trail/ultra running Facebook group are single and/or childless. I’m curious how working moms juggle training for ultras and still parent, work, and not go crazy. I might put it out there. That is definitely one thing that’s prohibitive about training. The other is the amount of traveling that seems involved with getting to races, especially in the Midwest. We only have so much open trail and ultra road races are fairly unpopular it seems. I’m new to all this, so feel free to pipe in with experiences, thoughts, etc. In the meanwhile, I might post on the Flatlanders group for a roll call about working mom ultra runners and how they manage.

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