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End of Week Wrap-Up 

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How gorgeous are these ladies? Another photo from last week’s gathering.

I’ve been a Saucony gal for the last several years, ever since a bad Brooks Ghost update drove me to look for another shoe. I liked the Brooks PureFlow, but I’ve read the updates have gotten narrower. And after reading Born to Run, I was curious about Saucony. I found the Kinvaras and loved them. The Kinvara 6, though, was narrower in the toe box, which was an issue for me and my wide feet. So I bought another pair of Kinvara 5, and then I tried another Saucony shoe, the Triumph. I liked the idea of a little more cushioning. However, after trying them for almost two months, I realized that they were too narrow as well–as in, I lost some sensation in my toes and/or had tingling. This was despite pulling all my creative shoe-lacing techniques. Thanks to Roadrunner Sports’ generous return policy for VIP members, I was able to return them after two months of use. I DID try on the Saucony 7, but they didn’t feel tremendously different from the 6 in the upper. Sigh.

I had tried the Nike RN Distance the last time I was in the store, at Bill’s urging. I tried them again and liked them. I was a little nervous about it. I, like every other person who ran track in high school 20 years ago, ran in the Nike Pegasus. I haven’t run in a pair of Nike’s since then. There was that whole Nike boycott in the late 90’s/early 00’s, and they just didn’t scream distance running shoes. Anyhow, they were some of the forebears to the minimal trend with their Nike Free. And I have trended more towards that, and these are super-flexible. I had to laugh, though, because even just visually they are very different from my other shoes (hello, black?).

I took them out on a short run earlier this week, and they are definitely more minimal. The jury’s still out on them, as they were less cushioned than I had realized. However, I appreciated their flexibility in encouraging more midfoot strike and better form. I’m going to take them out for another spin today and report back.

Earlier in the week was also Pi Day. My friend made me a WHOLE oreo pie (with a side container of homemade whipped cream). How great a friend is she? Seriously?! The rest of you slackers need to step it up. I have to confess that I ate the vast majority of it…I might have shared some of it with the spawn. Some.

Yesterday’s run was gorgeous, albeit a bit wet. I randomly texted my friend Amy to see if she was available to try out the Des Plaines trail. She runs it more often than I do, and she thought it would be manageable. She did text me before I got there, “Are you ready to go swimming?” Case in point. That’s the trailhead.

She did say that it was like that last time. The trailhead is a small pond for some reason, but the rest of the trail is better. There were ALOT of downed trees, though, which made us wonder if we should start signing up for some obstacle races.

We also encountered two individual paw prints in the mud that freak us out a bit. There are coyotes in the area, but I don’t think of them as being that big. Amy muttered words like “cougar” and “mountain lion.” I will preface that Amy is a dog owner; I am not. She did not mention dog prints at all. However, upon polling Facebook, and checking some sources here and here, it was decided that either they are a) coyote prints or b) large dog (same family obviously).

I have to say, though, that I’m only like 95% convinced. They are BIG.

By the end of the run, Amy was tired of tip-toeing around the puddles so she decided to just go full in. She did regret that as the water was pretty cold.

If you couldn’t tell, the trail was a mud fest. When I showered later at home, I realized that I had scratched up my ankles as well. I really hate discovering new chafing/abrasions showering after a run.

To wrap up, this week wasn’t a huge mileage week. I’m only doing 13’ish tomorrow, and probably doing a 4-5 miler today. I ran 7 on Monday, 5 on Tuesday (in the new Nike’s), and 5.6 on the trail yesterday. I was shooting for 6, and I had us turn around at mile 3 on the Garmin. Somehow it wasn’t the same coming back. Sigh.

Finally, to top off the week, I decided to take some length off my hair. I recently saw a picture of myself and didn’t love how long and blah my hair looked. I have all these grand fantasies of doing more braids or styling my hair in more interesting ways. Honestly, it doesn’t happen. So I chopped probably 5 inches off, and since I never style my hair, I took the opportunity to do a selfie with the new cut. I love the beachy waves Michael did. It’s not going to be replicated any time soon so I thought I should document it. It’s also not the most flattering angle, but I hate taking selfies in public.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s run as a small group of us are hoping to tackle some more single-track trails. We’ll see how trail conditions look. Happy running, friends!

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