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So…Saturday’s long run was rough. I started having pain in my heel and my right calf felt like it was going to snap because it was so tight. Not good. I limped around the rest of the day because both my calves were so sore and tight after. Argh. I have not had to deal with a running injury (sans various sprained ankles) in a long while. I guess that streak can only go so long though.

I made the big girl decision of taking most of this week off from running and trying a short run on Friday to see if I can get up to speed for the long run Saturday. If Friday’s run doesn’t go well, I’ll forego the long run this week. Better to take the time now to deal with this before training really takes off. I hate it.

This means I have done some of the first cardio cross training and gym workouts in a long long time. I will do a workout video or various exercises at home, but I have really gotten away from the gym. Well, my friends, the gym has changed! There are sorts of newfangled cardio machines out there! I felt like a newbie. However, it was also cool to see how much has changed.

WhenI don’t run, I usually do the elliptical as a good substitute. Mostly because I can read on there. However, the elliptical type machines have changed. Now you can do all sorts of different movements in the middle of moving instead of just the same plane and level. There’s one that I’ve done that lets you change your stride and form while stepping up and down. In the past I’ve hated it because it feels like my legs are all over the place and I can’t get any kind of rhyme or reason to my movement. This time I was brave and did a better job. I even did a long stride that made me feel like a Kenyan with their super gazelle moves.

I hate the stair master. However, the new ones (that are actually revolving stairs) were more tolerable. I also felt better that I was working my weak glutes.

But this…this was the piece de resistance. This is a crazy elliptical type machine that works your lateral muscles. Hello hips and glutes! You can adjust your lateral width to work different muscles. You can also change the way you’re standing to switch up muscle groups and sides as well. Woah. It was hard. Like I decided to not overkill and only used it for 20 minutes hard. I will definitely be coming back to do this. 

For your dizzying pleasure I have included a horrible video to try and show you how it looks.

While I can’t say that I’m loving all this stuff in place of running, I can’t help but feel some satisfaction that this forced rest is taking place during a week of single digit temps. I am definitely not missing the “realfeel” -11 degrees today. 
I also saw Bill this weekend at Roadrunner and bought some new, cushier shoes–the Saucony Triumph. I tried on the Hoka Clifton but didn’t like them all that much. I also ended up really liking a pair of Nike Free (RN Distance) but they were really more for speedy days. While Jen did buy two pairs of shoes, I stuck with just one since I have a pair of Kinvaras I still need to rotate in.

Anyway, off to yoga and trying to p/rehab (I’m pretending it’s prehab and not rehab for my foot/leg). Feel free to check in with other ideas.

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