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Rocks, bathrooms, and chickpeas

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Woohoo yesterday was my 100th post. Years ago (in the early 00’s) I tried to write a blog called “Lady of the House.” I think I wrote 3 posts over the same number of months.

I did the kids’ laundry the other day. When I transferred the wet clothes into the dryer, these lovely surprises were left behind at the bottom of the washer drum. Cuz you know. Rocks. I’m not sure which kid they belonged to, and I’m just grateful it wasn’t a melted tube of Chapstick.

I had long wanted our running group to post up signs in the windows of their homes to mark “this is a house you are welcome to make a pit stop at.” After 3 years, that dream came to fruition. We had our annual winter “how to dress for cold weather running” fashion show, and that is where we debuted the signs. We printed and laminated 20 signs with the BFF logo on them, and the 20 have already been claimed! I love that 20 people are willing to have potential strangers come to their house at odd hours to destroy their bathrooms. THAT is community, people. 🙂

Any runner with their salt will be able to share some horror story of a locked bathroom or not being near any facilities. As I started getting back into marathon training 3 years ago, I found myself utilizing full knowledge of where various BFF’ers lived to get some “relief.” There is always a post every couple months about others struggling with GI issues and emergency stops. And let’s just say that we are lucky that there is always so much construction going on in the area, because those port-a-potties come in handy when the park bathrooms close. HA.

Anyhow, yesterday’s run was devoted solely to dropping off some of the signs. It ended up only being 4 miles, but I stuck them in my race pack and enjoyed the run. It felt a bit like the Pony Express. Without the pony. Or old-school Greek messengers (by the way, why did they use foot messengers? Why not horses?). It was a gorgeous day, though, and I ran into two BFF friends walking their kids home from preschool. Mr. Sometimes Runner and I have talked about we love the density of our community and how we see people we know all the time…Although someone honked and waved furiously at me the other day, and I didn’t recognize the car and couldn’t see the driver very well. Black Nissan? Anyone anyone?

Finally, I’ve been experimenting with eating more vegetarian. I don’t want to claim to be going vegetarian because that is more commitment than I am ready for right now. However, yesterday was the second day in a row of being meatless. On the menu was chickpea croquettes/cakes (mostly ground up chickpeas, eggs, scallions, garam masala, and a shallot). They were pretty good, but the kids weren’t fans. I was also dismayed to realize after eating them that I had not connected wheat with the fact I had put breadcrumbs in them. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but I really hate cooking and it’s a bit of a disaster when I cook, so I wasn’t really thinking. Still, not huge amounts, but things to keep aware of.

Anyhow, it’s hump day. This week, honestly, already feels too long for me, so yay for getting to the midpoint! Hope everyone has a great day!

Would you put up bathroom signs for potential runner strangers to come to your house? 

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Marathoner. Academic. Mom of 2 ankle-biters.

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