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Weekend’ish Round-Up

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Since I failed to post towards the end of the week and now the weekend is closing, I think this would technically classify as a round-up of the week/end.

Anyhow, the week recovering from Chicago was ok. It was the closing of my first quarter of teaching so it was a little more hectic work-wise, which means I didn’t miss the time running. I only ran three times since last Sunday, 1) a recovery 3 miler on Wednesday with a friend, where I didn’t wear a watch, 2) another short 3-miler, though a little more up-tempo, and 3) a longer 7’ish mile run this morning. I say 7’ish, because my 305 has been acting up.

The mileage should have said closer to 7, as I ran a 0.5 mile warm up before meeting the girls for about 6.5. However, that’s not what my watch did. It randomly paused and didn’t start back up at some point. This would be the third time this has happened in the last month–if you recall my misadventures of trail running in Wisconsin Dells, the Chicago Marathon, and now today’s run. It’s irritating.

I could take this as a sign from the universe that a) I should stop running with a watch or b) I need a new watch. Obviously, the materialistic part of me wants a new watch, particularly the newest Garmin, which has a heart rate monitor in it (Yeeeesssss, preciousssss…). However, I could also take the much more philosophical view that I should run “naked” as they say. But we all know, if you don’t track the mileage, it’s like you didn’t even really run it (or as I told my sister one day when she didn’t realize her Fitbit’s battery was dead, “You shouldn’t have even gotten out of bed. What’s the point?!”). Ok so that’s a bit extreme, but I do NOT miss the days of clocking distances via the odometer on my car to figure out my mileage or in more recent times, mapping it out on Google maps before/after a run. Perhaps it’s not the end of the world, though, to not know to the 0.1 of a mile your distance or the exact pace. Deep thoughts, my friends.

Also, as part of my recovery, I did a yoga class at the CorePower Yoga studio near my house. They recently moved and it’s literally a couple blocks from my house. Awesome to be able to walk and get to the studio in a couple minutes. You know you’re tight when even child’s pose pops some things in your shoulder. Holy smokers my hip flexors were sore the next day too! Definitely need to be incorporating more yoga into the training. You can also see my rockin’ runner’s tan on my back there. Sweet. I also spent part of the day at the zoo with my daughter. It’s all Halloween’ed out!
It was an absolutely gorgeous day, which meant my daughter wanted to go one of the indoor exhibits. Sigh. Mostly because she wanted to do the face paints. She wanted to paint her face like a butterfly…Mhm. Maybe if you kind of close your eyes…Um, like all the way and imagine. Still, it was cute to watch how focused she was on cramming every square inch of her face with color.
I fee like this fall has been fantastic. People joke that Chicago generally has two seasons–construction and winter. This has been a real fall, though. Someone even told me it’s the height of color right now. Maximum color and foliage. Or foilage as they say. I’m supposed to do a trail run with a friend on Tuesday, so I hope the sunshine continues to hold until then. I’m not sure if the extended Chicago fall has confused nature, though, because last week I saw my first woodpecker outside of a forest. I was taking garbage outside and I heard a weird knocking sound. I looked around trying to locate it and I saw a bird I’d never seen before. I’m pretty sure it’s a downy woodpecker–see the blog title is upfront about my total nerdiness.

Whatever it was, it was kind of neat to see something new on a random day.

There I had a ton of friends doing races this weekend. A bit cold starting out, but alot of them had good races. Did you race this weekend? How’s the cold affecting you?

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