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Preparing for Chicago

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I’ve been home for four days with alternating sick kids. It’s been awesome. Screams of “mommy” and demands for more television shows. Refusals to eat. Parenthood truly is rewarding.

That’s given me some time, at least, to work on my various banners for Chicago. Somewhat last minute, I decided to run the Chicago Marathon in honor of a woman who died recently from complications from Leukemia. I was already registered for the marathon so all proceeds will go directly to Team in Training. I am honored to run in Lauren’s name, and for all those who touched by blood cancers. As part of my fund-raising, I promised individual ribbons with names (as designated by the donor) for donations above $25. So I spent some of my time home to work on those ribbons. And it’s not too late to donate! You can still give here. All amounts are appreciated and nothing is too small!

I also worked on my Black Lives Matter ribbons. I was originally going to make armbands, but I decided that most random people–if they take one–are more likely to pin a ribbon on their shirts than fuss with an armband. This is particularly true since it’s going to be rather warm Sunday (high of mid-70s) and the likelihood for chafing is greater. I’m planning on still making some armbands for myself to wear and for a few friends. So look out for the black ribbons and armbands!

I read some follow-up about the Black Lives Matter protestors at the Minneapolis Marathon. Reports described the size of the group from 65-100, and the protestors did not disrupt the marathon. I was heartened to read that there were several runners spotted on the course wearing Black Lives Matter shirts and shouts/fists of solidarity during the marathon.
 In practical matters regarding preparation for Chicago, I’ve ramped down my training a bit from what was planned. I was originally following the Advanced Marathon multiple marathon plan, but the mileage this week was too much to fit in with kids at home. I was also feeling a bit tired on Wednesday’s run, which means I’m not tapering enough. I’ll probably do a short shake-out run on Saturday and leave it at that.

In other preparations, I’ve been trying to eat pretty simply. I’ve also been getting very cozy with my foam roller. Coincidentally enough, NPR just did a report on the scientific benefits of using the roller. I like to know I haven’t been wasting my time 🙂

I’m also trying to force myself to drink alot of water. While the race is predicted to start in the mid 50’s, it’s supposed to be in the upper 60’s by the time I’m likely to finish. And potentially sunny. i.e., HOT for a marathon. This has made me reconsider my marathon goals some more. Unless I am feeling absolutely amazing and like a horse raring to go at the gate, I plan on running the marathon at a decent pace but not racing it. My family is going to come out. It’s a great way to see the city. I’ve already qualified and gotten into Boston. I should try to actually enjoy a marathon–although, truth be told, I had a pretty good time at Last Chance.

Alright, going to head out to packet pick up shortly. Hope to say howdy to the Mother Runner ladies and score some free stuff if possible. Although I did see that Saucony will have Chicago-specific Kinvaras… Don’t forget to review my marathon packing list from Last Chance if you’re running a race this weekend!

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Marathoner. Academic. Mom of 2 ankle-biters.

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  1. Have a great race! Enjoy!


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