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Back to Wisconsin Dells and Getting Lost on Trails

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We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells this past weekend. It was…family time. I don’t love being in water, or the echoing chambers of the water park, or the far-from-healthy eating I tend to over-indulge in. HOWEVER, I do love the trails that are just under a mile from the hotel.

Cows. I know. Such a novelty in Wisconsin. Whenever I’m in the Wisconsin woods, I can’t help but think of Robert Frost’s lines, “The woods are lovely dark and deep…”
The trails I ran on were in Mirror Lake State Park. This is Mirror Lake.   Because someone showed me how to use the self-timer function, and I’ve read that other bloggers use it for those great action shots, I tried it on my own. It took a couple tries, but it turned out pretty well. Jen has already ridiculed me for being a selfie queen. I think she’s just jealous…
I was surprised to discover that fall has arrived. I know it’s gotten colder, but I didn’t realize the leaves had already started changing so much.  I loved all the little croppings of ferns I saw everywhere.
If I were handier with editing, I could figure out how to lighten myself in the picture. However, the leaves look glorious.   Case in point
I loved running on the softer trails. It was a nice break from the pavement, although I definitely got a workout with the hills and unevenness.

 And because I can’t resist pictures or “open roads.”  Also, I was obsessing over why so many corn fields looked unharvested. I finally gave in and Googled it. Turns out that it’s just starting to be harvesting time. I thought it would have been late summer.   

The end of this run was rough. I wasn’t paying attention to the time and was going by the distance on my watch. I realized at one point, when I was getting tired that my watch said that I had run 6.3 miles in TWO hours. I know trail running is slow, but it’s not that slow. And not on these non-technical trails. I had to then figure out the quickest way to get back to the hotel and I was TIRED. I figure I ran a bit over 13 miles. I was slated to run 11, but had thought about cutting down to 9. FAIL.

In other news, I’m running Chicago on Sunday. I have mixed feelings about it. For whatever reason, I’m feeling slow and mushy. This makes me reconsider what my race strategy will be. Right after the Last Chance Marathon, I had thought I would consider trying to BQ again because I felt so strong. However, I’m not sure I want that pressure. Maybe I just want to run for fun…but that’s so outside my nature too. It probably won’t be until the last minute–same way I plan my race outfit 🙂 Patty has already been updating radar screenshots. I refuse to look until Friday.

in the meanwhile, here’s my plan for the week to get ready. 1) Drink alot of water. 2) Get alot of sleep. 3) Eat a good number of carbs and eat SIMPLY/PLAINLY. 4) Stretch and yoga like a mofo. 5) Start visualizing the race. The nice thing about having run this race a bunch of times is that’s easy. This will include “running the tangents,” which I tend to be bad at.

Oh, and one last thing. I decided to run representing Team in Training in honor of Lauren Bovis and my friend Erin’s daughter, Emily. Lauren was in my running group and passed away this summer from complications from leukemia. Emily is five and was diagnosed last winter/spring. If you are interested in donating, whatever amount, you can do that here. If you donate $25, you can signify a name, and I will make a ribbon with that name to wear on my shirt during the race.

Alright, folks, happy running!

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  1. Gorgeous photos!!! I’m loving fall this year!

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