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Marathon Training, Parenting, and Whether It Gets Better


I am struggling lately to find the time to get everything done, including this blog. I am officially two posts behind, one for the Last Chance Marathon race recap and one for the trip I made to California over a month ago (and running my 20 out there). Anyhow…

I was thinking earlier about the “It gets better campaign…” yesterday. Specifically, the one some mom bloggers created for surviving the toddler years. You can check it out here, although it’s long.

I was thinking about this as my two NON-toddlers (i.e., 4 and 6) were freaking out about not wanting to take baths. There was writhing on the floor, hysterical crying, and wails of tortured agony. Baths, people.

And I started thinking about that video (since a friend of mine is wrestling with sleep deprivation and a 4 month old), and I wondered, “Does it get better?” Humorously enough, another blogger beat me to it. It doesn’t get better, it just changes, ha.

I thought about it some more and I realize it’s akin to the “you’re almost there” comments you’ll hear at a marathon. People mean well, and maybe for them it seems like almost there. But when you’re at mile 22 and you have 4 miles left, more miles than most of them will run that day, it’s not “almost there.” In fact, unless I can see that finish line, I am not almost there so you’d better shut your pie hole and find something else to encourage me with.

As I sent comforting texts to my friend with the newborn, I realized that Scary Mommy (the second link) is right. It doesn’t get better exactly; it just changes. My kids had reflux, latched poorly, had horrible acne, and slept badly. Now they have tantrums, can get out of their own beds and come into mine in the middle of the night instead of crying out, and fight with one another. They demand “cuddles” from me in screeching, decibel-busting voices. They’re potty trained, but I still wipe one of their a$$es and have accidents from the other one.

So it depends on the day whether I think it’s better. Maybe it’s more akin to different training cycles. Each marathon training is still hard, but it’ll be hard or easier in different ways each time. But it’s never easy and it’s not for the delicate soul. And you can suck it if you tell me to “appreciate every moment cuz it goes by so fast.” Some of these moments can’t go by fast enough. But I will cuddle my kids and love them as much as I can each moment because, good or bad, “This too shall pass.”

Author: runNerdier

Marathoner. Academic. Mom of 2 ankle-biters.

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training, Parenting, and Whether It Gets Better

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  2. I won’t lie and say it gets better when it comes to parenting. I would honestly trade my 16 yr old daughter’s drama for a temper tantrum any day. LOL!!!!!


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