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So here was my Thursday in a single montage. 3 things checked off by 930 am, which had to include a run–literally–to the grocery store to pick up brown rice for the crockpot recipe (that’s the bag I’m holding next to the chocolate croissant). Almost everything, except my grading, sigh, done by 930 pm. I can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it, from work-related stuff to my preschooler’s homework to running and dealing with Ragnar for NEXT JUNE. And yes, I put running on my list because I needed to remember. I realized at 3 pm today that I had forgotten to eat lunch. Don’t worry, I still had a protein shake and chocolate croissant, but I had eaten those things in anticipation of a REAL lunch later. And I forgot. Some would argue I eat too much. I would argue they should shut their pie holes.  

It got me thinking, though. About how many women I know juggle a crazy number of things. From traveling spouses to working full-time to having four kids (I don’t know anyone with all three of those elements, but Jen gets 2 out of 3). It all somehow gets done. My friend Erin posted these pic up earlier this week (I’m not sure why the first pic is so weird-looking. She’s not THAT tall nor does she have clown feet).

This was Erin running at 5 in the morning to pick up balloons and doughnuts to surprise her husband for his 40th birthday. This is what it looks like to be a 21st century woman. And there are definitely days where we are smiling less and cursing more, and some days where it all feels too much. Cuz it’s alot. Really. But we are amazing. Even if we don’t get everything crossed off. So, celebrate how wonderful YOU are or the women in your life are. And if you’re having a hard time, keep your head up!

Cuz even Tupac loved his mama.

P.S. Happy birthday (well Wednesday) to my amazing mother-in-law Jane!

Author: runNerdier

Marathoner. Academic. Mom of 2 ankle-biters.

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