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Keep on keepin on; T minus 4 days


So…it’s race week. This is what I’ve been training for all summer. And I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’ve been all over the board in terms of nerves, excitement, dread, fear, and anticipation. I was all crazy about trying to prevent anyone from coming initially, but I’m trying to just accept whatever support people want to give. I don’t take compliments very well, and people willing to give up their Saturday mornings to watch me run around a big circle 8 times is a pretty big freakin’ compliment. Thankfully, only a couple runner friends are planning on coming, and I think I want to keep that way. Whether I succeed or fail, I will inevitably cry and I’d like to keep the audience to a minimum. Excepting the 300 random strangers, course officials, and spectators that will be there also. Obvs.

I feel like I need to Google the things I’m supposed to do the week of the marathon. Even though this will be my tenth, I feel weirdly nervous and unsure about it. I’m going to try and eat pretty bland this week (something my friend Kirstin does marathon week) and avoid anything too fiber-dense a few days before to try and minimize the GI issues. I’m working on getting at least 40 ounces of fluid everyday, although I generally drink way more than that. I’ve watched the course video. Printed the pace band. I plan on foam rolling the heck out of myself, and probably trying to squeeze in a chiro/massage appointment.

I don’t have a race outfit. Suppose I can think about that some more. And I’m still back and forth about which SPECIFIC pair of Saucony Kinvara 5’s I should wear. Total loser I am. I know.

In the meanwhile, my friends Patty and Jen (of “running with Jen”) have been weather tracking like it’s their business. I had to yell at Patty at Champaign to stop looking at the radar on her phone when we were in bed the night before the marathon. They have already assured me that the conditions will be prime. I feel like all my nasty hot, humid training the past few weeks would have prepared me for heat, though. Or so I think… Track workouts are pretty brutal when the humidity is at 80%. 

Because I’m a pseudo-researcher and a nerd, I liked that the marathon organizers put up the breakdown of participants and the qualifying times they will need. I’m in the most popular pace group it would seem. I hope the wave of people running will help carry me to victory…

I think I read on the site that it’ll be about 40 people in that group. I guess ladies in my age group (or older men) either have a hard time hitting the time in other marathons OR we are one of the biggest demographics for runners??

I got to meet up with an old college friend, who was visiting from Seattle. In preparation for race carbo loading, Shelley and I split three breakfasts. I like that kind of friend and that kind of math. We both wanted savory AND sweet, and there were no breakfast combos. Thus, frittata, bulgur bowl, and amazing pancakes. My friend Yolanda will forever be the person who introduced that 3 breakfasts/2 people idea to me. She was also my first marathon partner, so I will take this epic breakfast as a good sign for marathon week.  Because I’m on my taper and the marathon ladies had their first 20 miler Saturday, I got to run with the lovely Corey (and Julianne, but I was a bum and forgot to take a picture with her too) for most of my 12ish miles. I think we were deliriously happy to be done. I don’t enjoy wearing drenched running gear on long runs.
 In other news…school has started for everyone in the house. It’s been a bit of a juggle as there have been changes in child care and schools and schedules. We are still working on it.

This was my almost 6 y.o. at his first day of school. He refused to cooperate with any picture-taking. It also sums up my feeling about marathon-training lately.

I know I’ve been writing less recently. I think I spend so much time thinking about running that I’m fried. I just want to watch some more bad horror films and not spend more free time on running. I’m pretty sure that’s another sign of being overtrained. And it’s not that I find running a time suck or a burden like I did a few weeks ago. I am just ready for this marathon cycle to be done.

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2 thoughts on “Keep on keepin on; T minus 4 days

  1. Have a great race! I’m super impressed.


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