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Good morning beautiful people. I started my Monday morning with no coffee in the house so your week is probably starting off better than mine. I also have a screaming 3 y.o. next to me, so that’s probably another thing I have on you.

I had 5 miles on Friday morning with Jen. The local bread store has challah on Friday’s, which we all love, so the last half mile ended with a run by the bread store. Granted, that meant I ran with a loaf of bread down the street for half a mile and looked a fool, but you’know, multi-tasking.

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry. We were being dorks and trying to make it look like an action shot. I think she looks like a one-legged weirdo here, but I tried.

Since I had 20 miles for Saturday, I’m pretty sure this is what they call “carbo loading” beforehand. Right?
Jen also stocked up on a few things for the remainder of her walk home from my house. (Hey, when you’re a mom, you gotta fit things in when you can). Our zucchini plant is out of control, so I made her take one of them. She had also expressed a need for some more reading material, so I lent her my copy of Unbroken. I’ve been meaning to read it, but it’s not really happening lately…

Jen did pass on some information about picking beets. I wasn’t sure what the protocol was on when to pull them since they are underground, and I don’t know what a “ripe” beet looks like. She told me that when their “shoulders” are above the dirt, it’s time to pull them. I realized I needed to pull about half of them. We are also slowly getting our tomatoes in and got another round of strawberries since their first spring harvest.
Someone had once told me you could cook up beet greens like you would any other greens. It always seems like such a waste to just throw the greens away so I decided to cook them up. They were a little bit bitter. I cooked them up with coconut oil, onion, and garlic, then reduced them in a little bit of balsamic vinegar. To help cut the bitterness, I threw some cranberries in there. It wasn’t bad, and I felt like I was not wasting food. My whole “garbage” mentality towards food has been an interesting one.
Saturday was supposed to be 20 miles. I split it into two parts because I had a half marathon in the evening. I ran 7 miles with Jen, Michelle N, Michelle R (both from Ragnar), and their friend Doreen. It was an easy, though humid, run. I didn’t get a picture of the group so you’ll have to be happy with a sweaty picture of me. I’ll do a race recap of the Full Moon Half Marathon next post, but I’ll put a teaser here of the finishing medal.

I like how shiny/glittery it is!

Sunday’s “recovery” was walking around the Slow and Low: Chicago Lowrider Festival. This is our second year going (and the fifth year of the festival). We missed it last year, so we were excited to be back. It’s a great community and family-oriented event. Obviously the kids love all the crazy hopping of the cars and fancy paint jobs. I love all the amazing detailing and creativity in customizing the cars. My friend who went last year said she’d been fantasizing about the poblano tamales (from Yvolina’s Tamales) for the last year.   There were alot more of these 30’s style cars this year than previously. They were really cool, but there were more 70’s/80’s style cars that had fantastic paint detailing done a few years ago. I missed those. 

I think one of my favorite things I saw at the show was a pipe holder inside the dash of the car. WITH a pipe inside. 

There was also a group that paraded the show and did some dance performances. I must profess my ignorance of the ethnic origins of the dance, but the outfits were gorgeous and the intricacies of the dance impressive. I also really liked that it was a multi-age group from small kids to older adults. Anyhow, hope you have a great start to your week. I’ll post up the race recap tomorrow!

Anyone else go to the festival yesterday? Any other fun adventures this weekend?

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