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What’s scarier than a clown?

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A FESTIVAL of clowns. At a cemetery. Yup, this is the second year that I’ve run across this sign unaware of the annual festivities.

Clowns 2015

This year it was with Anna for our 15 miler (20 for her, which is also scary, haha). Two years ago was the first time with Jenny. It’s actually going on TODAY (Sunday) if you are looking for something to do 🙂

Clowns 2013

There was a huge circus train crash in Hammond Indiana in 1918 (called “The Great Circus Crash”) and over 50 people from that crash are buried here, which someone told me was the start of this festival. You can read more about this “Showmen’s Rest” on Wikipedia here. I guess there are 5 elephant statues that border the memorial, and in retrospect, this makes it a little less creepy. But yeah, clowns are creepy.


Source: “ShowmensRestStatue” by 6th Happiness – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

We DID run through a cemetery as part of this run, though not the clown-affiliated cemetery. There’s an old Jewish cemetery that I’ve featured pics here before. This one turned out nicely, especially with Anna’s exceptional form 🙂   It was an exceptionally pretty day for the run. A little warmer than I would have liked, but mostly cloudless and breezy/windy. I was somewhat nervous going into the run because I had 15 total miles on the docket, but 12 of them were to be at marathon pace (8:18). I’ve been struggling with tempo this week, but I knew if anyone could help me do it, it was Anna. That girl is speedy. She did run 4 miles before we met up so got a little tired towards the end, but I was pretty happy with the all-around splits.

We ended up running to the start of Salt Creek, and while our paced averaged out decently, you can see we were doing a bit of accordion-ing with it. Too fast, too slow. The small bit of hills on the trail could also have attributed to it as well.

Ahh, I always feel such a level of accomplishment running that many miles before 9 am. Like it would be okay if I just slept the rest of the day. Sadly, the family doesn’t agree with that.

It was fun running with Anna. We talked about alot of stuff, but about nutrition and our connections to our bodies and exercise in particular. We also talked about poop a fair amount as long-distance runners seem unable to avoid it. There were a couple pit stops at my house, a port-a-potty, and a gas station. We did buy more water at the gas station also. There’s no water on Salt Creek, which is rather annoying, and our route going out went by a park water fountain but not coming back. Also, Anna was having some frustrations with her water belt. It’s got Velcro and kept popping off (Roadrunner Sports brand). Any suggestions for a good one? I like mine okay, but I don’t love mine (mine’s an Ultimate Direction one–I’ll do a full review another time)–it tends to move a bit and the bottles leak a little when they are first filled up.

The week ended on an up note, then, running-wise, as I had two solid runs back-to-back. Friday, I actually did a treadmill run, because I was just too tired to get up early to run. So I had to drag the kids to the Y after much cajoling, coercing, and threatening (as with many things outside of the house I want to do that don’t directly benefit them). I ran 6 miles with some strides thrown in there (for the newbies, quickened tempo to activate fast-twitch muscles, but not an all-out sprint). It felt solid! I WAS annoyed, though, as I chose another funky treadmill. As you can see in the pic below, the screen didn’t work. Or I am an exercise machine idiot and can’t figure out how to turn it on. Usually they just turn on when you step on them. This one didn’t. Fortunately, I was still able to look out the window (in the right side of the picture you can see my little bit of world), so there was some distraction from the numbers on the screen.
Anyhow, next post will talk about the high school reunion stuff from the weekend…figured this one was long enough 🙂

Chime in with your favorite running hydration belts! And if you’ve ever gone to the clown festival or visited the Showmen’s Rest Memorial.

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