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Long run short

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Oy, just mixed up kids’ gymnastic times for the second time this summer. Both kids are in gymnastics at two different days/times. I keep getting the times mixed. I had someone say I was probably clinically ADD once. Clinical or absent-minded professor? I have a number of friends who have been diagnosed as ADD, but prefer to try to do workarounds rather than medicate. I have a couple of books recommended to me, but I haven’t taken the time to read them…One might say those two are related. Ha. But I digress…

This week’s long run was 16 miles. I decided to forego Friday’s 5 miles and just rest since I’ve been feeling so gnarly lately. I’m glad I did. With the humidity, it was slogging along. I also woke up way too early to certain evil minions that live in my home. Sigh. We were a little under the easy long run pace, because we were all so irritated about running we just wanted to get it done. Ha. It felt okay actually. A huge sigh of relief from me! Still, we had run most of it on the Salt Creek trail so it cooler and SHADED. Running in the open concrete for the last 4.5 miles was no fun (my friend Mary and I got a ride to the start where most folks were doing 12-14 miles and then running home to finish the rest).

Still, I enjoyed getting a chance to run with Mary. We somehow only manage to run together a handful of times a year as our schedules are complicated. However, she’s the one who opened my eyes to the world of running blogs a couple years back and we trained for Chicago together two years ago. She’s also one of my fellow Korean runners 🙂  She’s amazing. She just did her third tri ever (she’s done one once a year for the last 3 years) in June and qualified for nationals because was in the top 10% of her age group! It’s in Milwaukee in two weeks, and she’s a little nervous about it. She’s only ever done the sprint distance and Nationals are Olympic distance. Tri’s are also an interesting beast as they require so much equipment and the more you spend, the better it helps. It’s great, though, as she’s looking to just get a finisher jacket and see what she can learn from it. I’m jealous. I wish I could do triathalons but that whole swimming thing. BLECH. I did sign up for once years ago–a supersprint. But the lake got too high in bacteria levels so they made it a duathalon.

I’ve decided that my signature “thing” will be bad selfies. The less-than-flattering hat helps to continue that goal. 16 miles done before 9 am. Not bad 🙂
And while I’ve read that it’s bad to treat food as a goal or celebration for a hard workout, I figure coffee is relatively harmless. I did resist the donut calling my name. Or the almond milk mocha I was debating. The cheap part of myself refused to pay that much, though, so I went with iced coffee doctored with cream and sugar.   

Ugh, one thing that happened on the run that WAS new was some chafing! I’m not sure what happened as I’ve done long runs in these shorts before, but a seam or something was rubbing me wrong the whole run. I kept poking at parts of myself that probably didn’t look so ladylike or attractive. I was trying to get that stupid seam out of the way, though. I chafe under my arms when I wear tanks and sweat, but I’ve never had inner thigh chafing before–and trust me, it’s not because there’s a huge gap in between them or anything. It’s not horrible, but it doesn’t look pretty either. I use Body Glide on the backs of my arms before long runs in the summer, but obviously didn’t anticipate this either.

Finally, I had a 5 mile recovery run on the plan today. I was tired so decided to forego the early run. I’ve been sleeping HARD lately, but still tired–like full on drool, not moving, arm asleep hard sleeping. Not sure what’s up. Anyhow, because of the heat/humidity, I decided to take it to the Y. I’m not actually sure I sweat less than I would have outside, but I didn’t have to use nanny hours to get my run in and the kids had fun in the kids’ room today. For whatever reason, I chose the treadmill with a frozen screen of CNN. I swear I’m a maschoist sometimes.

I did some hills on the treadmill, though, in anticipation of Ragnar Great Rivers (it’s official, I’m on it!). Like the weirdo I am, I did request that if any of the higher mileage positions didn’t want their position anymore, I’d take it. Right now, I’m slotted to be runner 7 (funny since I was runner 7 last year for Chicago), which is 16 miles. I have 17 for that Saturday, so I’d like to at least hit that since it’ll be chopped up anyway. But I don’t think my training will really be impacted that much either way, and obviously I’m starting to be a little looser with following the plan.

All this heat and rain has been good for some of my veggies at least. Behold the magnificence! I’m actually not sure what to do with a zucchini that big…Maybe give it a name and make it our pet?

11703119_10153263198747949_7696192938921812671_nHopefully all of you had a good weekend/long run.

What’s your favorite post-run treat/motivation?

Any ideas for the zucch?

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