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That point when you start to hate training

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Well, it’s happened…

I’m at the point in my training cycle where I hate it. Where it’s not feeling good, I’m tired, and I wonder why I’m doing this. Kind of like how you feel around mile 20 of the marathon. Which is apropos, since I’m coming up on my 20 soon…

I haven’t had it happen the last couple marathon cycles. Maybe because I was training with more people for more of my runs, but it was more tired of training than actual hating it. I have to admit, I kind of hate it right now. This Advanced Marathoning training plan is ALOT of longer runs. This week was 12 on Tuesday, 9 today with 4 at half marathon pace, 5 tomorrow, and then 16 Saturday. I actually had made a crazy spreadsheet comparing my various marathon plans (last year’s plan from Bill, this year’s plan from Liz, and AM’s). If you heard weeping last night, that was me. Total weekly mileage, it’s not a huge difference between Liz’s and AM’s. It’s how the runs are broken up over the week. AM’s training plan switches up running 4-5x a week and the various speed workouts. In other words, I’m screwed one way or another. Sigh.

I feel like I’ve been struggling more with recovering in between. I might even *gasp* skip tomorrow’s run. Tuesday’s 12-miler ended up being only 10.5 and being AWFUL. Part of it was I couldn’t get myself up and started to do it early in the morning, so I didn’t start my run until after teaching. Which mean’t I started running 12 miles at 8 p.m. I had also sliced myself with a stupid garden tool on the outside of foot, right under my pinky toe, which meant my running shoe was pushing right on it. And because I hadn’t run at night since Ragnar, I forgot how dark it gets and I didn’t run with lights on. And I ran through a construction zone. And I hadn’t really eaten dinner. All perfect ingredients for a crap run.

Today’s run was incrementally better. Shoe was still pushing on my foot wound. And it was humid. And I had an emergency potty break at the 7-11 (It IS TMI Thursday after all). AND, most unfortunately, I discovered what happens when deer can’t jump over a pointy fence. Ugh. I ran by a deer carcass that looked like she had gouged herself trying to get over it. I also had 4 half marathon race pace miles I was to do. I cut it down to 3. Oh, and I ran in cotton. Because the kids were sleeping and I couldn’t creep back up to get a different shirt–they have a sixth sense about when I’m getting ready to leave the house.
I have half-heartedly been attempting some glycogen depletion training (you can read more here), in hopes of teaching my body to be more efficient in processing fat and glycogen and ultimately prevent me from struggling so much at the end of the marathon. I also was hoping that it might help with my GI stuff. Today was a run on an empty stomach and that didn’t happen. I was afraid I’d be hungry during/after the run, but I wasn’t at all. I did force myself to drink this lovely black recovery drink–the red from the cherries and the green from the kale don’t make a pretty color.   I have to remind myself that I’m not the only one that struggles with this, as evinced by this popular shirt.

running-tee-lgAnd isn’t it the Bible that says, “And this too shall pass”? Ha. I have to remind myself that training for a marathon is a privilege and luxury that some people can’t afford or can’t even physically tackle. I know that this is something temporary and I’ll get through it. That all this hard work, both physical and mental, will pay off. Right? Can I get an “Amen!”?

In good news, our veggie boxes are starting to produce, so we harvested our peas! Now that we’ve gotten about a pound of peas out of them (I’ve never shelled peas before!), they look like they’re drying out and done. I’m not sure how peas work as I haven’t grown them before, and whether they really are done or if they’ll grow more. Stay tuned 🙂
Part of why I might be struggling so much with being tired is that my kids have been sneaking into bed. All night. Multiple times a night. Last night, when my husband came to bed, he kicked the youngest one out. Then around 1 a.m. I realized my older one was stifling me with his body heat, so I kicked him out. And then this morning he was back. At least the rugrats are cute. Any advice on keeping them out would be helpful.   Finally, my daughter cracks me up. She was actually a bit offended yesterday when I was laughing at her. But seriously…look at her. Dark glasses, egg on her face (literally), and very serious. My sister said that my daughter’s her spirit animal. Ha.

Anyhow, on that significantly lighter note, I hope everyone’s getting through their day, runs, whatever, with some patience and gentleness. We all have rough days/weeks, and we’ll get through! Happy running!

What do you do to get through tough points? 

Do your kids sneak into bed?

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