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Yes, I will melt…

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This week was tough. I realized I misread my calendar and I SHOULD have run 5 miles Monday. Oops. Oh well, I made up some of it on Wednesday with the unplanned 3. Still, my plan looked like this

MON: 5 (didn’t do)

TUES: 10 miles with 5 at 15k/Half marathon race pace. Race pace miles didn’t happen.

WED:  Cross-train on plan. 3 easy miles with kid instead.

THURS: 11 easy miles. Felt long and not great.

FRI: 5 miles easy on Jenny’s treadmill. BEST RUN of the week. Good pace, didn’t feel strained. Ironic that the dreadmill was my friend this week.

SAT: 17 miles in horrible, humid, hot weather. Super slow…but more on that in a bit.

48 miles total on plan, only 46 done.

I went back and forth about what to eat Friday night because of my ongoing GI issues on longer runs. I went with tacos because it seemed like nothing made a huge difference. Weirdly enough, it worked out great. I had no issues. We went to a Oaxacan restaurant near us and it was awesome. Funnily enough, when we ordered, my husband thought I was ordering the 6 taco plate for us to share. I quickly disabused him of that notion, and he picked some tacos of his own. Haha. Delicioso.

For whatever reason, they also chose to place us at the biggest booth for the 4 of us. On a side note, we have made the decision to let my 5 y.o. start playing Minecraft. It’s a very weird and confusing game. Supposedly people watch YouTube videos to figure out what the heck you do. We like to pretend it’s educational and stuff so it’s ok. In our defense, we did say the kid couldn’t play until he was done eating.
Saturday morning wake-up was brutal. I woke up at 4:30, which was actually later than I should have to get all my miles in before meeting my friend Corey (I was going to run 5 miles before meeting her at Waterfall Glen to then run the 12 she had on her plan). My first thought was, “I can’t do this. I’m so tired. I’m going to cancel.” The weather looked awful for this weekend, though, and 17 miles alone sounded even worse, so I forced myself out of bed. It was slow going. And just like the previous week, but even earlier (cuz it’s still DARK at 4:30, I was chasing the remaining fingers of night as I headed toward Waterfall Glen).  THIS is the awesome weather I was looking at for the start and duration of my run. Higher temps and humidity. It was like running in a swamp. It was actually cooler in Darien; it was in the 80s at home already. And running in the woods and shade was definitely better. Still, when Corey and I were done running, one of us squeezed out several ounces of sweat from our drenched tops. It was the slipperiest, slimiest run I’ve ever done.
I’ve run with Corey in groups before, and she was on my Ragnar team (but Van 1). However, this was my first chance running alone with her. It was great! We chatted about everything under the sun, from raising daughters to body image to feminism and adventure races. I love how runs, especially long ones, bring out such amazing conversations. I could not have done that run without her. She even took one for the team and did the extra mile with me (I was a little late and could only squeeze in 4 miles before we met instead of the 5 I needed). We took several Gu/water/walk breaks as the hills were rough with the humidity. As my thanks to her, I’m posting this selfie of us where it’s like I purposely chose the most unflattering angle for my face yet managed to get her to look cute.

Running in high heat and humidity can be dangerous if you’re not careful. I froze my water bottles AND my big Nathan bottle and topped off my water belt bottles twice. I also had a couple Gu’s and shot blocks, AND a bag of potato chips for afterwards 🙂  I also brought a towel for after the run so I didn’t soak my car with my nasty sweaty self. One good way of helping to stay cool is to lower your core temperature itself by drinking something extra cold before the run. I also so runners with bags of ice under hats and wet bandanas on their necks. Because I didn’t have any pace/tempo miles for the long run, Corey and I took it super easy. We weren’t too worried about pace and were more concerned with just getting the miles in and feeling ok.

Finally, we got to hang out with our friends all day yesterday doing stuff around town. I love when kids and parents mesh really well. Plus, they are ridiculously adorable 🙂
I hope everyone stays cool and hydrated this weekend. I have some friends who raced yesterday (and placed in their age groups! yay for running small, local races!), and some more friends running the Rock ‘n Roll Half today (of whom two got photo ops with Meb–I think he’s pacing for the race?). Be safe out there and happy running everyone!

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