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Family Fitness and Reconsidering Marathon Plans

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A friend asked me recently if I do the whole protein shake recovery thing after long/hard runs. I do usually. To be honest, I haven’t experimented a whole lot with different powders, but alot of people had recommended the Vega Recovery ones. I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit grainy and not like a real shake, ha. However, I’ve found that if you mix it with almond milk (versus water) and keep it cold (by blending with things like frozen berries) and something a tad sweet (like a banana), it’s not bad. I have a Vitamix, which helps alot. I also threw some kale in there the other day for good measure. I feel like I need to read up on the whole green smoothie thing and get on that, but … there are so many other things that call to my attention (like my recent obsession with the Netflix series Sense8. SO GOOD). Feel free to share good green smoothie recipes with me and save me the effort 🙂

On a side note, I thought the chocolate flavor would be be better, but I actually have found the vanilla one to be easier to drink.We’ve been continuing the whole family fitness thing this week. Yesterday was a yoga/stretch day. We did my Jillian Michaels Yoga burn DVD, which the kids found too difficult (crow isn’t the easiest position to get into for a 3 year old, ha). So, we traded off and I found a kids yoga video series on YouTube, which they LOVED. As in, they asked to do 3 in a row. It’s called Cosmic Kids Yoga, involves elaborate storytelling and some visuals, uses real yoga moves, and is only about 20 minutes. I can’t decide if I think it’s brilliant, creepy, or annoying. Maybe all 3.
My 5 y.o. has also been requesting to ride his bike along one of my shorter runs. He’s a pretty good bike rider, and I had made a passing comment this weekend that maybe he could ride alongside. He’s been at me for days about it so I actually built in a short 3 mile run yesterday just for that purpose. All my runs are super long this week, which I’ll talk about in more detail later, so I just added yesterday as a running day. That was fine, though, since I had to cut part of my run Tuesday short because I didn’t get up early enough to get the whole 10 miles in.

He did great! I carried my handheld so he had water for stops, which mostly happened at intersections. He kept up pretty well. We even did a couple interval bursts–he’s also been demanding to see me run as fast as possible. He was very proud of himself, AND he ate like a champ the rest of the day. Win-win. My 3 y.o. is up and riding on her two-wheeler, but she’s not agile enough with it yet, nor is she able to start herself off yet. But soooooon, you’ll see me and my posse rolling at you on runs! Finally, this week has been hard. I was sore for a couple days after Saturday’s race. That really surprised me. Was it the hills? Speed? I’m not sure. I also realized belatedly that I should have done a short recovery run Sunday or Monday, but I didn’t. Because it wasn’t on the plan. Bleh, need to reconsider my fierce obsession with following the plan. Anyhow, this made Tuesday’s run, 10 miles of which 5 were to be at 15k or half marathon race pace (uh, yeah), unpleasant and unmanageable. I half-heartedly tried to do them, but it just felt awful so I just did my regular pace.

I have 11 miles on the docket today. I am dreading it. I am exhausted and feeling tight. Part of this might be the fact I’m teaching two nights this week, and I realize how all that standing is killing my legs and back after all the running. Part of it might just be all the ramping up of miles. But I’m tired. So I’m reconsidering whether I want to keep following the Advanced Marathoning plan or switch back to Liz’s spring marathon plan. I need to compare the plans again to see where I am. Maybe I could create a hybrid, I don’t know. Ugh. Maybe I’ll just get through this week’s plan, which ends with a 17 miler Saturday, and then re-evaluate. Maybe I should just take a nap…

Anyhow, friends, have a great day and happy(-ish) running!

P.S. Did folks see all the body-critiquing stuff that was going on with Serena Williams?! Geez, even elite athletes’ bodies aren’t “good enough” for public consumption. Grr.

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