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Camping, running in rain, and 2 days to Dear Kates giveaway!


We just got back from our first camping trip with both kids. We went to a KOA camp in Union, IL. It was my first time at a KOA camp. Mr. UnRunner and I have done a bunch of car camping, including the Olympic Peninsula and the Southwest. Camping at a site with so many RVs, a swimming pool, and mini golf was a new experience, ha. However, it was a great first-time experience with the kids (they had a ton of activities for kids, like face painting, movies, candy hunt, games, and an ice cream social). Our camp site was just off the very large playground, so as my friend Alison put it, “It feels like we’re alone!” (i.e., sans kids, as we could see the kids but they weren’t on top of us). We were there two nights. Here are a series of pics from the weekend.


As my husband said, I spend about 75% of my time fixated on chopping wood and building the fire. I love it. He actually bought me this hatchet or Christmas one year.


I found it amusing that our canopies matched the color of our tents.


I thought these little recumbent bike things were pretty cool, though difficult to balance! You turned by shifting your weight on the gyroscope thingy. Mr. UnRunner got in trouble for riding one since it was just for under-16 y.o.’s. Haha. At 6’5″, he doesn’t pass under the radar.


One of the beauties of camping is that the kids are wiped out by the end of the day. One downside is that they are filthy.

The campsites weren’t really close to “nature,” in the sense that they are near the woods. Still, being able to enjoy being outside and seeing the sun set without building blocking the view was great.

I actually even got a run in! I flip-flopped my Fri/Sat run (5 and 13 respectively). I had planned ahead and did my long run Friday morning since I didn’t want to deal with trying to figure out where to run such a long distance by myself. It was a 13 mile run with 8 at marathon pace, ugh. I was happy that I generally was within spitting distance pace-wise, but I was all over the place in consistency as you can see. I did a 3 mile warm up and 2 mile cooldown. I honestly am not even sure what Garmin means between “average pace” and “average moving pace.”

Snip20150630_2That meant I only had to get 5 in for my Saturday run camping and Tony, whose family camped with us, joined me. It was a gorgeous day for it, warm but not too warm, breezy, and pretty quiet. We ran the HUM (Huntley-Union-Marengo) trail (another rails-to-trails), which is a 3.5 mile paved trail that runs alongside the railroad. Clear skies, enough cover from the road, and only one train passing. I didn’t want to be that creepy blogger taking pictures constantly, so I abstained from taking a shot while running haha.

When we got home, I saw a small package on our front porch. When I opened it, I was pretty jazzed to find our first-place medals for Ragnar (although a tiny bit disappointed it wasn’t another baton to finish out the collection–and yes, our silver second-place baton from last year says “almost first”). I suppose it is silly we got a baton to begin with since we don’t actually run with batons (we use slap bracelets), but still, I like continuity. Also, as a non-drinker, I can only collect so many medals that are bottle openers before thinking, “enough already.” Still, the medal is pretty fancy, and it’s even signed by the artist on the back 🙂
Ugh, this spring/summer has been brutal in terms of rain. I did an 11 miler (5 with Jen) in either rain or 100% humidity. I had put wanted to do the run at Waterfall Glen to get some hills in, but it was supposed to rain and I was concerned about lightening. So I decided to stick to home. Humorously enough, one of my friends saw me doing my hill workout on one of the highway overpasses in the rain. I was somewhat embarrassed that I would be seen because it seemed such a ridiculous way to do a run, but considering it was around rush hour, alot of people saw me.

One thing that was interesting was that I finished the run listening to music on my Spotify app (I listened to an audio book for most of the run, and it finished before my last 2 miles). They’ve been advertising that their music tempo will sync with your running tempo to better fit your music/running needs. I wasn’t sure how that was going to work, but I did end up running the last mile faster because of the music tempo (9:16 vs. 8:12). Huh, go figure. I’m kind of excited for that!

One of the ladies in my running group shared there’s a Moving Comfort running bra sale, so check it out! Folks swear by them.

Alright, don’t forget to sign up for your chance to win your own pair of Dear Kates underwear! The entries have been slim so your chance are good! 🙂

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  1. I love the energy it gives me.


  2. Good article.I’m going through some of these issues as well..


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