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TMI Thursdays, Part II: Going #1 and #2 as a runner


I finally did it. After wavering back and forth and moving some things around scheduling-wise, I registered for the Fox Valley Last Chance BQ marathon.


I realized about a month ago that I was scheduled to teach the day of the race (a random 3-Saturday course). I went back and forth about whether it was a “sign” (from who, I’m not sure, ha) that I wasn’t supposed to register. However, there were only two students registered for the class so far, so I was able to negotiate another date for the class meeting. Once I got the ok from my department chair for the course modification, I bit the bullet and registered. Jen also poked me into it by setting up an event on our running group’s Facebook page to cheer me on at the event. Talk about pressure! I joked that the cheering squad will have to start throwing rocks to keep me going. It’s 8 loops of a 3.21 mile loop (kind of like a never-ending 5k…). It actually sounds kind of horrible to me, but over 60% of runners end up BQ’ing so there’s that. However, the researcher in me notices that you do have to submit a “qualifying” time to run the race as well so the likelihood of folks being able to BQ is much higher than your regular run-of-the-mill marathon.

I forgot to post the other day when my friend Stephanie ditched me–I mean, had a headache and forced me to run alone–that I actually told her later on that it was probably better I ran alone. As of late, my GI has been all whacky, and I’m still trying to figure out what’s up. In fact, one of my faster Ragnar legs could be attributed to me sprinting to the exchange and going right on through to the port-a-potties. I’ve started keeping a food diary (for a variety of reasons, but the GI stuff being one). I need to reconcile myself to getting up almost an hour before, but for a 5:45 start of a Monday morning run, I couldn’t push myself out (no pun intended) of bed until 5:20. While I, ahem, took care of some small business before leaving the house, I didn’t feel settled. At about mile 1.5, I started feeling nervous about the run and an impending sense of doom as my stomach got tighter. The problem is that the public bathrooms aren’t open until 7 (if that), and I wasn’t near anything open. What I was near were…woods. Somewhere past mile 2.5, the stomach issues got more urgent and I had to dash into the woods. I won’t detail further as I am a lady *snicker*. However, if this kind of stuff amuses you, here’s a lovely video about pooping in the woods.

I normally don’t like to publicly embarrass myself, but Stephanie requested I blog about it. And since it’s TMI Thursday, it’s fitting. Sigh. The rest of my run was pretty uneventful (I think that one event was enough). I did get nervous when I got home, though, because I felt like my legs were a little itchy and irritated-looking. The all-time cliche for such an “event,” after all, is poison ivy exposure. Thankfully, it cleared up on its own.

Finally, the longish mid-week run Wednesday reminded me of the importance of comfortable underwear. It was 9 miles, so I actually took the time to change into some runderwear before the one (specifically one made by UnderArmour). My friend had raved about them, but they don’t fit me quite perfectly. It doesn’t provide a comfortable amount of, ahem, coverage, which is weird, because I am far from bootylicious. My friend is much more blessed in that department so maybe it paradoxically has something to do with that. Anyhow, I’ve worn them a bunch before, but I don’t love them. This run made me really dislike them. They actually moved around enough to do that least desireable thing, chafe. I ran with my friend Anna, who is faster than me, so I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it. Either way, it reinforced in me my love of the Dear Kates (you can read my own review about them here).

I actually love them so much that I contacted them to see if I could do a giveaway (my first, wooho!) and they agreed, so make sure to enter the Rafflecoptor giveaway at the end of the post! I also arm-wrestled Jen into writing a review of the underwear for me. Ok, I didn’t arm wrestle her because I would have lost that match. I am a T-Rex runner (under-developed arms, over-developed legs) after all, but I did convince her to write a review. While I’ve used the underwear for the menstrual cycle/chafing issues while running, she’s got another perspective on using them for incontinence stuff. Here’s her review. I told her she should have made fun of herself more for having 4 kids. She declined.

I have four children, and since I have started running again, I have had some serious issues in the leakage department. I have tried everything from stuffing toilet paper in my underwear, to ordering special athletic incontinence pads. Though the pads work, (the toilet paper failed miserably, as you can imagine), chafing becomes a major issue after anything longer than a three mile run. When I decided to train for my most recent marathon, I figured it was time to buy some “big girl” panties. And by big girl, I mean absorbent. The Dear Kate line of athletic underwear has become a “must have” in my long run wardrobe. They are absorbent enough to catch the inevitable leaks, but wick away the moisture so that chafing isn’t an issue. They are stylish, and super comfy. Make no mistake, these undies will not be able to absorb your full bladder of pee when you decide to urinate on yourself while attempting to qualify for Boston, but they will catch the occasional stress-incontinence leaks. I highly recommend Dear Kate undies for any mother runner.


Pictured are the Hazel Sport Hipster with the full lining (there is a thong option as well), a $36 value. There is also a “mini” lining option, depending on your needs. Seriously, if I had more money, I would probably run in these every time. They are super comfy and cute (and are also coming out in more colors). Anyhow, click on the link and enter the Rafflecoptor giveaway, commenting on what you love most about running (despite the things that drive you nuts about it like chafing. I debated having folks post about why they wanted this underwear, but thought that would discourage people from participating if they had to publicly announce their various bodily (dis)functions, haha). Contest ends July 2 at 12 am.

In the meanwhile, or for those who don’t win, you can use the coupon code “RunNerdier20” for 20% off (code good until July 2).

Disclosure: I am giving away the underwear and providing a discount code, but I have not been compensated for this review (or even, sadly, provided a pair for myself, haha) by Dear Kates.

POST EDIT: I realize, belatedly, that the Rafllecopter widget won’t work properly on the site. So you can click that you HAVE commented, but you can’t comment THROUGH the widget–i.e., you have to comment and then use the Rafflecopter link separately. Apologies! This is my first giveaway. The Rafflecopter link works externally, but if you’ve done other giveaways on blogs, you’ll see it doesn’t look or interact as fully as it’s supposed to. Hopefully, I’ll have another giveaway to try something new next time. But please still enter and comment!

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7 thoughts on “TMI Thursdays, Part II: Going #1 and #2 as a runner

  1. I feel just a little closer to you and Jen and for that I am thankful. Also, very timely as I had a few GI issues and poor Michelle had to wait outside a McDonald’s and a Dry Cleaner for me on our route last Sunday. 😦

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  2. I am probably too much of a cheerleader for bladder sling surgery. But seriously, Jen should talk to Dr. Kenton. Easy procedure, running 3 days later. 6 months out and I feel great about the decision. Nicole R reminded me today that I still have to strengthen those pelvic floor muscles, but not dealing with the stress incontinence on every run has been life changing for me. Of course there’s still the GI problem…

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  3. I am on the planning committee for FVM/BQ2….Great races, and I hope you enjoy. Those underwear definitely spark my interest!


  4. For the BQ2 race you don’t just want a cheering squad, you want people set up strategically to hand you off hydration and fuel. 2 groups with phones. Tell the first group what you need each time around and the second group just down the course has it sticking out for you. They do tables like the elite tables at the marathon for water bottles but this worked well for us last year. They did open up the race to others that weren’t at BQ pace at the end so there were some others running too. The pace groups were right on pace. Best consistent pacers I’ve seen at a race.

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  5. What is love about running is that gives me time to spend with my dog on trails in beautiful areas.


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