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First Place Ragnar! (and some other stuff)

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Hope everyone’s long run was good this weekend! I did 12 this weekend and it was not the greatest. Pace-wise and all it was fine, but it was humid and felt warmer than the low 60’s my phone said. During our run, Amy tripped on a downed branch around mile 5 and skinned her knees. It shook all of us and there was definitely blood, but she kept on running. She was slated to do 16 I think and decided to just do the 12 with us. Because it’s creepy and weird to ask someone if you can take a picture of their bloody knee to post on your blog, ha, I am linking another blogger’s advice on how to run with a bloody knee.


I actually don’t follow her blog that much, but I follow her on Instagram. She posts alot of funny memes and food stuff. Plus, her title of “run eat repeat” is pretty much my life mantra.

Speaking of eating. I’m beginning to think that my obsessive relationship with sweets is rubbing off on my daughter. It might be time to do a FAMILY sugar detox.

I’ve done sugar detoxes in the past and found them helpful for breaking my addiction to sugar, but I haven’t made my kids participate in it (and my husband has an unworldly/unnatural/freakish disdain for sugar). I don’t think they eat more sugar than our friend’s kids, and actually might eat less, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a “healthy” amount either. And with all the new data on how sugar is addictive like drugs (I mean, seriously, I know recovering crack addicts who can’t quit the sugar), I would like to help my kids build a healthy regard for sugar as a sometime treat and not the constant presence in their lives. I mean, even yogurt has crazy amounts of sugar!

And I’ll start that detox any day now…right after this horchata…

Ha, I tried to justify that horchata as healthier because it was made with coconut water. Yeah…it was delicious and different! We went to a taqueria, El Taco Feliz Taqueria, for Father’s Day lunch. We don’t get great Mexican food out by us strangely enough, so Chicago is always the better bet. Plus we were on our way to a hat store nearby (Hats Plus @ Six Corners). The taqueria was tiny, only one bench in side, but had nice seating outside. The woman who owns it was super friendly and so nice, and the food was great. We will definitely be going back. We also went to our local concert in the park for Sunday night as requested by the father of the family.

Don’t worry, I’m just taking a walk with my Trader Joe’s Jo-Jo cookies box peg leg. 

I went out for an 8 mile run yesterday and it was gross. I made plans to meet a friend Stephanie at 6 am, and she bailed on me at 5:45–texting me she had a headache. It was funny because it was a big struggle to get up that morning, and I seriously contemplated canceling. However, I hadn’t made plans to run early with her before and she had declined running with some other folks at 5 am to run later…blah blah blah. Guilt. So I talked myself into getting my legs up and moving, and I was dressed and ready to head out the door when she texted (I was supposed to run to her house by 6). For a split second, I thought longingly of how I could have slept in a bit. BUT, the weather was super-humid yesterday and I knew the temps were just going to go up even higher. At the end of it, I was happy I had committed to get up and meet someone even if it didn’t happen. I’m telling you, accountability is key! It was funny because something similar happened later that day too, where I made a commitment to meet someone for something and she bailed, but it got me where I needed to be.

You can see that the grey is not a great color to sweat in. Sexy time. Yup. Also, I felt very self-conscious as my son watched me take selfie after selfie trying to get this shot. I should just start going with the first shot and call it a day.

The weather yesterday was super weird. It didn’t get as hot as it was supposed to, but the humidity was oppressive. It was also very windy in the afternoon. It was one of those days where the temperature isn’t that high so you feel like you shouldn’t have the air conditioning on, but the atmosphere is so heavy that you do. When I walked out of the house a little after 8 last night, though, the sky was a crazy golden light. Everything looked lit up like a post-apocalyptic film, where it should have been dark but everything seemed to glow. I took some pictures, but it really didn’t catch the full extent. Anyone know if there was an explanation for it?    Finally, the big news! The official results are out, and our team won first in the Women’s Open Division! After winning third, then second, we finally got first this year. We are beyond excited. The other team retains 5th place. I’m super-impressed and amazed by all of the women I got to run with this year. Now we’re talking about whether we want to try a different Ragnar next year or if we have to go back to defend the title. Ha.

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