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Gearing up for Ragnar Chicago

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It’s been a whirlwind of activity the last couple of days. Last-minute haggling about the vans, which it turns out was meaningless as we are only getting 1 van. Just a few hours ago, the captain of the other team (Swati) was finalizing van stuff and supposedly Chevy was recalling 3 of the 4 vans we had reserved. Smelling BS from a mile away, Swati called Chevy and they were not recalling any 15 passenger vans. There was alot of chatter back and forth amongst all of us and Swati and corporate. Long story short and several heart attacks later, we have 3 Suburbans and 1 15-passenger van. It’s gonna be a different experience…I know that teams will use larger SUV’s and I know that we CAN fit in it. It just won’t be as roomy. Waah, first world problems.

While there have been multiple last-minute things that have happened in previous years, I feel like it’s been especially crazy this year. Maybe it’s with helping to manage two teams, but we’ve had multiple late withdrawals of runners, flipping around of runner positions, and just general nuttiness. It’s all gotten settled, but this van thing has been just another piece of the nuttiness of this year’s Ragnar.

I also belatedly realized that we will not have an indoor sleeping option for Van 2. Instead, we’ll be in a “tent town.” Um, yeah, sounds great. I’m having horrible flashbacks to two years ago where we chose to sleep outside with the fog horn going all night, sudden drop in temperature (I’ve never been so cold…well, maybe after the Champaign Marathon), and a thoroughly wet sleeping bag from the morning dew. Refreshing…

Anyhow, moving on to less sad things. To help make sure I got everything for my legs, I laid everything out. Leg 1: is our team shirt. Close up in second picture. Leg 2: Every Mother Counts shirt. Leg 3: pseudo-costume. Our team “theme” is “Ladies of the 80’s.” I’m going as a half-hearted Rainbow Brite. I wasn’t really a child of the 80s in terms of dress or popular culture involvement. My parents, being the stereotypical Asian immigrant parents, thought rock music and most pop stuff was evil, so my experience of the 80s was limited. However, they let us watch a crazy amount of TV. So instead of going as Flash Dancer or whatever, I went with cartoons. I got excited and got the sparkly skirt and rainbow compression tights, but fell short of doing much more. Frighteningly enough, there are “sexy” Rainbow Brite adult costumes. *shudder*

I’m super-excited for our team tanks and matching magnets. I’ll have to get a photo of those up when I get one. For those uninitiated into Ragnar, teams sometimes make magnets to tag each others’ vans as a way to “get” them. It’s fun because you get to see lots of different designs and representations of running clubs from all over.  

Finally, as I joked with my team, after 3 years of Ragnar, I’ve learned what is important to pack. Trashy magazines. You’re generally too tired or amped up to read anything of substance, but there is some decent downtime. Time to indulge the trashy side. I did throw in Runner’s World to at least pretend I will learn something.   IMG_0935I know this post was short, but I’m getting picked up soon. If you want to follow our adventures, we’ll be tagging at #bffRagnar and #runNerder (or the larger pool of #RagnarChi)

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