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Ugh, that was my first real bout with insomnia. I don’t know why, maybe the soda I drank last night (am I really getting that old?!). I thrashed around for almost 2 hours. Came downstairs at one point to try watching TV, but the glare of the TV bothered me. I actually have read that for good sleep hygiene (yes, that is a thing), if you’re having trouble falling asleep you should get up and do something else for a little bit. It helps ensure you don’t connect your bed as a place of bad sleep or no sleep. I debated doing work, pretty sure that would make me fall asleep if the TV didn’t do the trick. I gave up on the TV and eventually passed out back in bed. Of course my 3 y.o. climbed into bed early this morning and squirmed up a storm so who knows how much sleep I really got.

The other night Jen, Michelle, and I went running out in the dark for Ragnar training. It was pretty nice, although we were laughing because Michelle had on all of her new running gear to try out and was fumbling a bit. Better now than during the race! I finally saw my first firefly, which means summer really has arrived.

When I got home, I tried to stretch outside since it was so humid and I was hot (living in an old house means you don’t have central air, and we have’t put in the window units yet). However, all this humidity and warm weather have not only brought the fireflies but the mosquitoes and other bugs. I felt myself starting to get bitten so I went inside. As I was stretching inside, though, I felt like something was biting in me inside my shorts. I figured it was just lingering aftermath of bites from outside, but then I swore it felt it was moving around. So I dropped trou. And out landed this lovely specimen. Ugh. Not exactly the stuff of nightmares nor your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, but not something you want to find in your pants. Actually I can think of very few things I want to find in my pants, unless his name is Ryan Gosling. Ha.

I also realized that it was probably time to get rid of these socks.

They are not even that old! Like maybe a few years. I don’t care what they say, I don’t replace things every year or whatever it is they suggest. i have sports bras older than my children–and my marriage. I figure that if it still seems to work, I don’t need to follow random rules made up by people trying to sell me more stuff. For example, I read you’re supposed to replace sports bras like every year or so. EVERY YEAR! I barely need any support so it’s not like they will stop doing their job after a year. I could see if I were more “gifted” in that department, the importance of making sure all my parts were well supported, but alas, my gifts lie elsewhere. I will admit, though, that I recently threw out a few sport bras as they were starting to chafe.

The other piece of running gear I’ve actually been weeding through is my shorts. After many years of seeing race photos where my shorts are billowing in the wind and ramping up the general hideousness of said photos (let’s admit, those photos are almost always bad), I decided that i need to take my image a little more seriously. I run–partly–to not get huge as a result of my eating. It doesn’t make sense to wear clothing that negates all that. So I’ve started pulling my longer, overly generous shorts, and replacing them with ones that actually fit me properly.

It reminds me, though, of the olden days. Where functionality trumped all sense of fashion. Remember the olden days of running? When shoes came in only one color? And you would never choose a shoe based on color? Nowadays, shoes come in multiple colors, you can even get them customized with your name (Jenny got her last name on her Adidas Adi Zeros). But just as I wouldn’t have chosen shoes FOR their color before, now I don’t choose shoes because I don’t like their color. Which means, I’m getting stuck with alot of fluorescent and alot of pink (cuz I’m a girl that’s what pink is for, bleh) shoes. Or in the case of this bad boy, both. I finally got around to another running store, Run Chicago, this time. Sadly, I can’t even find a web page for them–they really need some PR help. They’ve been around for almost 10 years I think, my friends have had good experiences with them, and they carry Brooks and Saucony. The guy was super-knowledgeable, and i had to laugh because he pulled out a bunch of shoes I’ve worn in the past–like the Newton Gravity and Saucony Mirage. I ended up walking out with the Saucony Guide. They are an 8 mm drop, so it’s not as crazy as the 12 mm of the Mizunos, they felt pretty similar to the Kinvaras in terms of general fit, but they offered a little bit of stability. I wanted shoes with a little more stability and/or cushioning than the shoes I’ve been running in. I’ve only done a couple runs in them, but I like them so far. One review of them describes them as such: “Not all neutral runners like softly cushioned shoes, and Guide 8 fills in the gap for that requirement by combining overall firmness with a touch of cushioning.” I also just found another running shoe site that compiles a bunch of different reviews, which includes some of my favorite ones like Runner’s World and Running Shoes Guru,

Anyhow, I’ll keep you posted on how the Guide runs. Still debating whether I want to take it out for Ragnar as it looks like at least one of my runs might be rainy. I’m also trying to convince Jen to take TMI Thursday part ii. Let’s see if her slacker butt will do it.

Any favorite running shoe review sites? Favorite/worst things about summer running?

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