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Running season really is ramping up because we had a big group for the long run Saturday, including the final long run with the lovely lady in the spring green tank towards the bottom left. I blogged about Erin and her daughter before. In the midst of all their health stuff, they are also moving across the country to Colorado to be closer to family. Erin is an awesome, positive, caring lady and will be definitely missed. It was also Julianne’s (black hat, center bottom) longest run in over a year. She was on my Ragnar team two years ago and was slated for this year, but she’s been sidelined with various injuries and has been slowly making her way back. Sadly, my selfie skills aren’t getting better as my face takes up a significant portion of the photo while poor Kirstin only got her forehead in (bottom right).

While it was a great run with folks, I was a bit pooped. We did a decent clip for a long run, and I was still sore from my various, over-ambitious plans last week. I ended up doing 13, though, cuz I’m a fool and can’t say no to more miles (I only had 12 on the plan). I have to say it’s fun running with a big group when the pace is pretty solid for everyone because you get to chit-chat with lots of different folks throughout the run.

My massage therapist/running coach friend Bill just posted about how to dry out your shoes. This spring has been ridiculously rainy, and considering there might be rain during this year’s Chicago Ragnar, I thought I’d repost what he wrote:

How to take care of wet running shoes:

(Do not ever put your shoes in the dryer. They will be ruined.)

1) Remove the shoe liner.
2) Stuff newspaper into the shoe, into the toe box. Do not over stuff.
3) Place shoes and liners in a well ventilated place in indirect sunlight.
4) Shoes will take a day or so to dry out.

And you’re back to running!

If indeed it does rain during Ragnar, I’m pretty sure that our van will not count as a “well ventilated place” unless we tie them to the roof of the car. Ha.

I came home from my long run to this. Cuz, you know, pink cats need some good stretching…Doesn’t look too happy about it.

Finally, I got to see an old high school friend who was in town for a poetry reading. Monica Ong Reed is an awesome visual artist, web designer, and writer (and all-around thoughtful, interesting, smart lady–and she runs!! woohoo!). She recently published her first book of poetry, Silent Anatomies. It’s hard to describe it adequately, but it’s visual poetry. There are some absolutely gorgeous pictures combined with words. To use an “academic” word (as my husband said), it’s truly multimodal. Here’s a quick blurb describing the book from her website, “Her collection of image-poems juxtaposes diagram and diary, bearing witness to underrepresented histories of the body. Created as an assemblage of poetry, archive, and medical ephemera, it unpacks silence not only as the absence of language, but also as historical erasure, the loss of cultural memory, reconstructed truths, and ghosted identities.”

Here’s the cover, and the picture is hyper-linked to her website. You can also order her book through Amazon. I’m excited to read it thoroughly, since I randomly will have bits of poetry float through my head when I run. I’m always looking for new lines. I usually get stuck on lines from Robert Frost on my trail runs 🙂

monicaMonica and I obviously got the memo about stripes. Ignore my horrible posture in this picture. Ain’t she pretty?Finally, I really need to register for that last chance to BQ Marathon…for some reason, I’m holding back. Not sure why. But I plan on doing it before I skip town for Ragnar…

BTW, any ladies out there looking to run Ragnar in 3 days?! We are unexpectedly down a runner for the “fun” team. Excitement never ends with two teams!

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