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Donuts, deer, and Ragnar

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Today was National Donut Day. I took one for the team and ate a donut. Mostly to justify buying more coffee…Dunkin Donuts was giving away free donuts with a purchase of a beverage.

I know, I know, I didn’t buy my donut local or gourmet or whatever. And my coffee was full of sugar and cream (or whatever that white stuff they call cream is). But my local coffee shop only carries the local gourmet donuts on the weekend, and I had both screaming whining children with me in the car on the way to the zoo. So drive-through major chain it was. I regretted not buying the larger size…or maybe double fisting it.

Today was a great day for the zoo. Greyish and cool. This was particularly helpful for my red-headed friend and her milky-white children (on a side note, they are going to attend the Redhead Days festival this weekend. Yup, it’s a thing, and they are a mostly red-headed family, although the palest of that lot is a blonde. She thinks that 3/4 is good enough. Ha). It was a pretty great trip minus the five million schools that all decided to make today their field trip day. We even did a little trail hike that we’d never been on before. Who knew?

It was a sudden turn for the cold, though, as two days ago, we were doing this.

And celebrating the birth of summer like this

But then, you know, it’s Chicago. So it’s cold again today. Sigh. BUT, I did get some hot and hilly training in before the weather dropped. I was able to work out some last minute childcare stuff, get a decent run in, AND try out the Dear Kates (but you’ll have to wait until next TMI Thursday for the review). One of my favorite runs is Waterfall Glen in Darien, IL. It’s crushed limestone, pretty, and you’re forced to run about 10 miles. Oh and there’s a handheld pump. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I headed to Waterfall Glen with the best of intentions, of doing at least 9 miles if not 10. However, my over-exuberance at Orange Theory so quickly on the heels of my tempo run Tuesday was a mistake. My quads were tight and sore, and it was crazy hot (for me). I dialed down my expectations to 3.5 miles out and back. Within that hour, I drank through both bottles on my belt and was fantasizing about more. I saw horse poop, a million dragon flies, a surprising number of walkers, a blue jay, and a deer. I also ran a bunch of hills with sore quads. That sucked. This was nice, though (that’s a small pond in the middle if you can’t tell).

And look! Another (better) picture of a deer! I actually debated taking a picture of the horse poop on the trail, but I thought I’d spare you. I have to say that I was pretty excited to see the finish sign at the trailhead. I was surprisingly sweaty, tired, and thirsty.

Ironically, part of my podcast was about people with chronic blushing problems. Could my face be any redder here?

Thank God you have to work hard for any extra water you want after your run! Yup, they force you to pump your own water from a lovely handheld pump that makes your hands reek of metal. At least the water is cold. And the pump IS a nice shade of blue 🙂Of course, that meant only one thing later in the day. BROWNIE SUNDAE.   

Finally, we are in the single digits for days until Ragnar. So I figured it was time to dig out this box. Yup, when you’ve captained two years in a row, you get a box of random stuff marked “Ragnar.”  And inside, is this magic box of goodness. Streamers, van markers, an ungodly number of glowstick things, random tulle/netting, team magnets, Biofreeze, maps, and batons won from the last two years (second place last year and third the year before). Um, I’m still waiting on some people to pick those up…aaaaaannny day now…Our team theme is “ladies from the 80’s” so that netting might come in handy. I kinda missed the 80’s so it’s all conjecture on my part (I blame my crazy Korean parents. I mean, uh, I bring no shame to my family and my parents were amazing!). 

Anyhow, hope everyone has a great long run this weekend! Oh, I almost forgot. I had submitted a selfie for Another Mother Runner’s Saucony selfie contest. I didn’t win, but I did get our pic up on their page (with Kirstin and Corinna). It’s in the first block, bottom left side. And I do think it’s a good one 🙂

Big plans for the weekend? Redhead Days anyone? Race prep?

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