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I am the rain maker…California needs to hire me

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It’s been a few days, sorry! But this weekend was a bit busy. We were planning a HUGE garage sale to underwrite costs for the Ragnar teams. 24 women putting on a garage sale, with even more BFF members donating. There was a crazy amount of stuff. So much stuff. And, as you may remember, we were stalking the weather. Awful flashes of Champaign. And so I woke up Saturday morning to this weather forecast.

I hate those lightening bolts. The weather would also end up dropping like 20 degrees over the course of the day. And just in case you can’t imagine how much stuff 24+ women can get together to sell. Here’s a lovely collage to over-stimulate you. 

Fortunately, we had a decent crowd at the beginning. We started getting nervous around 11, though, when sales generally begin to drop so we started a $5/bag sale. Geez, people got some crazy good deals. Yet, when it was all over, we still did a pretty good job filling this van.


Regina is a rock start and still helped us with the clean up, even though she’s not running Ragnar this year!

We made more money than last year, which was great. I seriously think we would have made double what we did if the weather had cooperated, though. 😦  At least all the stuff that was left went to a good cause–the education part of the Epilepsy Foundation. I also took all the athletic/technical wear to donate to Back on My Feet, a nonprofit that “uses running to help those experiencing homelessness change the way they see themselves so they can make real change in their lives that results in employment and independent living.” On a side note, they will be having a fundraiser event this June 3 in Chicago for National Running Day.

It wasn’t fun taking all the wet stuff home and washing it, though, and I still have to figure out how to get it to them. Still, it’s nice knowing that our disappointment might benefit others.

There were some jokes about how I was bringing the bad weather again. Waaah. And how I better not make it rain during Ragnar. I’ve heard, from someone’s first-hand experience, that they won’t call it if it rains, but they will hold teams if there’s lightening and wait for it to pass. Great, the prospect of sitting in a van full of dripping wet, stinky, cold runners. I do believe, however foolishly, that things happen in 3’s. I DID get nervous about Ragnar, but it rained during our long run Sunday morning. And following with my totally unscientific belief in 3’s, this should guarantee that there will be no more rain issues during runs. Right?!

A woman offered to take our picture. I refused, because this blog will be all about the bad selfies. Michelle looks very scared in this picture. This was our second attempt, though, as the first one was a shot going straight up Jen’s nose. Ha

Following on the Ragnar theme, I will do a quick product review. One of my Ragnarians discovered dry shampoo and is excited about potentially using it for Ragnar–since showering is a low priority. I’ve been meaning to review this dry shampoo forever, so this is perfect timing.

I hear all the time how we are not supposed to be washing our hair everyday, that it’s bad for it, blah blah blah. I didn’t really take any stock in it, though, as my hair tends towards being greasy. When my Asian hair dresser suggested I try it because it was better, I decided to give it a go. I had read reviews of several different dry shampoos. This brought me back to images of my college roommate using baby powder in her hair in between washes. There were a few instances where she put way too much powder in her hair and freaked out because it looked gray.

Batiste, though, is supposedly the granddaddy of dry shampoos. And I read great reviews of it on Amazon. Then I stumbled across it in my happy place, Marshall’s. Brilliant.

2015-03-05 08.39.33A couple things. The scent is ok. It does remind me a little bit of old lady powdery scent, but it’s not awful and isn’t super-heavy. I had read reviews that suggested you use it on DRY hair. Otherwise, when you sprayed it on, it tended to clump. I do find it a little annoying either way to air dry or blow dry my hair before “cleaning” it. Seems like washing my hair is less work, ha. Anyhow, you spray it on, massage it through, and then brush it out. I’ve read some reviews that indicate you can see some dry shampoos powder up in dark hair, but I have not noticed it with this one.

Overall, I definitely feel like it makes my hair a little fresher, I think if I were totally drenched in sweat or rain, I would still just wash it. I mean, where exactly is the sweat residue going? But on days where the weather is temperate and such, it’s a pretty good way to go in between hair washes.

Ever use dry shampoo? Experiences with it? Best/worst garage sale ever?

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