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Champaign flashbacks and why my son won’t survive the apocalypse

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My children can have a ninja-like skill in creeping into bed. Oftentimes not as there will be much stomping on heads, elbowing of ribs, and kneeing of groins. However, my 5 y.o. son managed to creep into bed last night and slumbered gently for a good deal of it. I woke up this morning to screeched demands for me to get out of bed and go downstairs because:

Child: I’m HUNGRY! Go downstairs now!

Me: I’m tired, go downstairs with your sister. I’ll be down in a bit.

Child: Ow-whee, ow-whee! My stomach hurts! I’m so hungryyyyyyyyy!

Me: Get yourself a yogurt out of fridge.

Child: Nooooo! You come downstairs! I’m so hungry.

While this is not my finest moment of parenting admittedly, my first thought was, “He’ll never survive the apocalypse.” I mean, imagine, “Oh look, there’s food, go get it!” “But it’s too faaaaaaar!” Or “I don’t like the color!!” I think I watch too many B horror/post-apocalyptic films. Cue: I believe children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way… I know, too soon.

I’ve been having flashbacks to the Illinois Marathon and psychotically stalking weather reports. My Ragnar teams are having a massive garage sale to help offset the costs of the vans. 24+ women (there’s 24 of us, but many women from our running group contributed) putting on a garage sale =s ALOT of stuff.

Of course the weather has been pretty nice this whole week, but it’s going to rain and thunderstorm tomorrow. With that much stuff, there’s no way to hold it all for another day. We’ll put together as many tents and put stuff in the garage I guess, but I would just wish for a break in weather lately. BTW, I heard the Starved Rock Marathon a few weeks ago got called halfway through as well. 200 runners didn’t finish. Geez, what is up with this weather? Psst, rhymes with bocalypse.

They were real purty, though, weren’t they?

I had a first this week. It was my first time returning a pair of shoes to a running store. I really wanted to like the Mizuno Wave Inspire. They were cushy and light–two things that were important to me. And my fall running coach even said he would have put me in them (he works for Roadrunner Sports) when I had blogged about questioning them. However, because the other two shoes I wear running are 4 mm drops, I found the heel to be too much and my legs were weird transitioning between the 4 and 11.5 mm. I have weak ankles and asking them to take that much adjustment with runs was making them wonky. Roadrunner was great. Didn’t even ask any questions or anything. Gold star for them. So onwards and upwards for a new shoe.

In preparing for Ragnar, I made myself run in the gross humid hotness of mid-afternoon yesterday. I was really sweaty and kinda smelly (unusual for me–I blame the earlier excursions with garage sale drop-offs and set up). I also, like an idiot, tried to make it a tempo run. I was able to maintain the speed okay, but it felt brutal and I stopped a bunch to drink water. The other thing that was nutty about yesterday’s run was the seed storm on the corner near my house. I’m not sure what to call it, but it was like a snow storm of dandelion puffs all afternoon. I tried to take a picture, but it didn’t work so well. So I took a picture of the sidewalk. If you see that weird white stuff accumulated on the edges of the sidewalk, those are puffy seeds. Allergy-wise, it didn’t bother me yesterday, but I’m sneezing up a storm today. Zyrtec my friend.   

Anyhow, if you’re in the Oak Park area, come by Lenox Avenue. Look for some tents! 🙂 Happy running, folks. Hope it’s a good weekend.

P.S. If you are so inclined, my Ragnar teams are “voluntarily” (haha) nominating me for best captain. Feel free to vote!

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