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Another day, another mile

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It is officially late spring/summer around here, which means it’s raining or extremely humid. Bleh. Either way, it saps the energy right out of you! Today’s early morning run was originally started as a 6 miler, which got cut to 5.5 and then walking the last half. I did a 4.5 mile run last night (in training for Ragnar), that I was hoping to hit 5. It was so dark last night and my Garmin doesn’t have a nightlight that I couldn’t see the mileage until I got home. I was at 4.46 and almost cried, forced myself to the end of the block (because God forbid I run a “weird” number) to get to 4.5 and called it a day. Jen K and I discussed how it better not be humid for Ragnar cuz our “speedy” times aren’t going to be so speedy.

Speaking of Ragnar and people who are going to be awesome, I got to run with this lady and her entourage last week. Kelly is not even 3 months post-partum and she is AMAZING. I went out to meet her thinking, “Oh, this will be a nice easy run with the post-partum lady and her baby AND her dog.” NOPE. We were pushing sub 9’s almost the whole way. I wanted to ask her to slow down, but I was embarrassed, cuz you know, I just ran a marathon, and she’s pushing a stroller, and holding on to a dog, and I’m running carefree. Boohoo. Her daughter is cute as a button, though, and totally just slept the whole time. I need to meet up with Kelly another day when she’s awake so I can get my baby fix. Get this, though, sometimes she runs with the DOUBLE stroller and the dog. And here I am complaining about running by myself in the humidity.

BTW, that ended up being a ridiculous 9 mile run because my GPS crapped out on me and I wasn’t sure what time I started running. I was super-tired by the end. I swear, running without a plan makes me crazy. I ended up running a 40+ mileage week last week because I had no plan. As much of a creature of chaos I am, that is exactly why I need a plan. Left to my own devices, I will run entirely too much or not at all. I still need to sit down and decide what I’m using to train for the fall. I think I’m going to do a mashup of my two coached plans and one of Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning plans. I’ll keep you posted, or feel free to chime in with plans you like!

Here’s the splits from Saturday’s long run. You gotta say, we’re consistent if nothing else! And I was happy to see that we picked it up for the last couple miles.


Finally, we’ve been trying to get out and enjoy the weather more since it’s getting warmer. We went to the zoo where Iseul got to try some new forms of transportation. We also finally have an almost fully-functioning (we still need grass over the dirt) backyard so we’ve been eating outside alot. We had an awesome paver patio put in and had our rotted, collapsing back stairs rebuilt. We also called 1800-GOT-JUNK to haul away several large piles of lumber, junk, and landscaping stuff this past weekend. It was awesome.

10359232_10153108201497949_394853080393721021_nAnyhow, it’s already almost halfway through the week! Hooray! Hope you had a great weekend. Happy running!

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