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Becoming a grown up

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It’s a new month. Which means, it’s time for a new plan. Or no plan. Or too many plans. That, my dears, is the crux of the issue.

This was my race calendar last month.            

My running group had an awesome race planning event a few months ago to kick off the new year, and Lively (awesome local running store) and Swati Saxena (awesome local realtor) helped sponsor the event and put out free race planning calendars. There were cute stickers and all that. Very fun.

However, THIS is what the month of May looks like.

 It is like the post-apocalyptic wasteland/Mad Max of Thunderdomes of race calendars. There is nothing. It makes me feel empty as the scouring sands of the wasteland whistle through my soul…

Ok, so it’s not really that bad. But I have definitely been obsessing and in a funk with my disappointing experience/results at the Illinois Marathon. I have spun my wheels over and over about what to do, talking everyone’s ear off and then some. I thought I was sold on running the Schaumburg Chicagoland Spring Marathon on May 17th, which would be exactly 3 weeks and 1 day after Champaign. But my recovery has been feeling slower than last fall’s. I did two marathons back-to-back with 3 weeks in between last fall (after having already run a marathon earlier in the fall and one in the late spring). My times were ok–3:52 for the Des Plaines Trail Marathon, which I ran as a long run and 3:46 for the Naperville Marathon, which I was just burnt crispy for after such a long season–and I feel like my recover felt better for those! Part of it is my semester quickly closing down. It’s been a hard semester. But I’m beginning to wonder if it’s just alot to constantly push your body to its limits.

I was at a party last night for my running group’s second anniversary. It was awesome seeing everyone glammed up and having so much fun outside of running shoes, although some sassy gals wore cocktail dresses, their running shoes, and their running medals (They put the sweatshirts they bought at the event over their dresses, but seriously, how cute are they?!).


Anyhow, I got to finally meet some of the runners I see on Facebook but hadn’t had a chance to actually run with/meet, like Erin F (the lovely lady on the right). She was actually supposed to go down to Champaign for the half marathon, but she decided after an injury in January, that she wasn’t going to be adequately prepared for it and more likely to injure herself. She decided not to do it, which blew her husband’s mind–that she was about to make a rational, adult decision about running, something she’d never done before.

It got me thinking. Don’t get me wrong, Erin wasn’t telling me this to say I shouldn’t do it (this was about her, not me, shocker), and there were people at the party saying I SHOULD do it since I’d done all this training. But my legs don’t feel recovered fully. I definitely don’t feel like I have my energy back post-race. And the idea of gearing up for all that in two weeks makes me cringe inside. Which makes me think I’m setting myself up for an injury at worst or at least a disappointing race result, with a weak recovery a month before I’d have to race again for Ragnar Chicago.

So I’m making my first adult running decision, and pushing off racing another marathon until later in the summer/fall. I’m going to use that time to eat and recover (BTW, Meb just tweeted this week that he ran Boston weighing in at 121 and two weeks out, he’s at 134 pounds), and then strength and cross train more seriously, work on speed for shorter distances, and actually work on getting down to a racing weight (One site I read said I could shed 4 minutes with 4 pounds. Obviously, it varies from individual to individual, but 4 minutes is alot at this point. You can see that here). Ugh, I hate watching what I eat. I always say that I run so I can eat…but it’s just temporary…

It’s funny, though, what decisions make you feel like you’re a grown up. For me, it was things like having kids. Tonight, my husband was quiet because we just dropped a good chunk of change on putting in a paver patio. He said it was weird and made him feel like he’d just mad a really adult decision. With my (previously) loose way with money, I shrugged off the idea that spending alot of money makes you an adult. Ha). But choosing not to push your body past a potential healthy point is my adult growth moment? Go figure. Different strokes, right? 🙂

Honestly, though. Our lives are peppered with all these big moments, but so often it’s the stuff in between where we’re really growing right? I mean, the big events are what make us realize that growth. Kind of like when you were a kid and you’d put on a pair of pants and realize they were suddenly too short. You didn’t grow right before you put those pants on, but it was the act of putting on the pants that made you aware of it. I didn’t magically become a mature adult because I had kids (cuz I’m still waiting on that moment then), but I grew adult enough to decide to have them.

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with two lovely things after all those deep, ponderous thoughts *snort.* Anne, who helped found my running group and is co-owner of Lively, gave al the board members of the club these necklaces in recognition of all the work we do. Love it and wearing it already!

And, finally, all the dust being tracked in the house was driving me crazy, so my 3 year old decided to help me out. I like her stylish attempt at house cleaning. We should all be so coolWhat are the moments that helped you realize you were becoming an adult?

Last time you CHOSE to not run a race (versus being injured, etc.)?

And, any good ideas on cross training?

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