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Almost Go-Time (and I secretly feel emotions)

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Alright good people, in about 24 hours I’ll be on the course. I’ve been doing the usual prep stuff. Drinking water like there’s no tomorrow. Eating tons of carbs, which may include my more-than-generous allowance of sugar. I know that that’s not quality carbs, but it IS simple and easy to break down. 🙂

I had my last short run before leaving town (I plan on doing a little shakeout run later today after driving for a few hours down-state). I was tempted to run later in the day Thursday since it was cold, but then this girl (the cutie in the middle–next to the other cutie, ha) RSVP’ed to the morning run, and I had to get my butt up for the 5:45 run. For a 3 miler. Ugh. BUT, I have literally not run with Kirstin since July of LAST YEAR. We had run the Holy Family Maritime Marathon in Manitowoc, WI in June (where Jenny BQ’ed) and she started getting some weird crunchiness in her ankle. Almost a year later of PT, seeing orthos, and finally seeing my magical man Craig, she’s on the road to recovery. Which is a good thing, because both those girls in the picture are doing Ragnar with me. Kirstin did like 5 marathons in 2013, so it was nuts she’s been not running for so long. We had a good little crew last spring that we called the BFF Early Train–cuz essentially there’d be different parts to it as we “picked up” and “dropped off” runners depending on their needed distances. I miss that crew (Kirstin, Jenny, and Corinna). We have high hopes that we’ll all be together again some day. Which might need to be sooner, since all 4 of us are on the same Ragnar team!

I think I need to work on my selfie skills. Although I am not sure that’s necessarily a skill I want to be good at…

Other things I’ve been doing to prep for this race: icing my wonky ankles and foam rolling like a mad woman. I had to laugh when I pulled out this ice pack from my freezer. My 3 year-old is a bit obsessed with putting her name on stuff, which I guess includes the ice packs.

We went out to dinner as a family last night to begin the carbo loading. Because it was Italian, we had to get the gelato afterwards. This place, Mancini’s, has this crazy good dark chocolate gelato. You’ll notice in the picture that a certain small human’s hand is moving towards “sampling” mine–in addition to his own.

I have, admittedly, made fun of my fellow runners for freaking out about the weather. I refuse to get sucked into it. Jen actually asked me, “Do you think at all?!” when she kept asking me about various factors about the race and I said I hadn’t thought about it. Part of it is my busy-ness factor and part of it is my refusal to obsess about things outside of my control. I HAVE looked at the weather and route and all those other things, but there is a delicate balance between being aware/prepared and getting worked up/obsessed about it. I know myself and my ability to fixate/freak out can be monumental. I’ve decided to go with the less obsessed route. We’ll see if it pays off in an sort of way.

To be honest, though, I just checked the weather now that we’re 24 hours out, and it’s looking dubious. Hit up the local Salvation Army and got a giant zip-up fleece to throw away at the start and a children’s rain/windbreaker. One of the bloggers I follow who ran Boston said that she rain with her throwaway windbreaker the whole race. I still haven’t figured out what I’m wearing yet (and I can hear Jen yelling at me already for that, ha, and yelling at me for making her sound crazy…which she is, btw). To distract myself, though, I painted my nails in U of I’s colors, with a Boston-yellow lightening bolt. I might reconsider the lightening bolt to a stripe, though, as it seems bad juju with the weather…

I never had this much school spirit…

Finally, whatever happens tomorrow, I could not have gotten here without all my awesome women. From the early morning training runs to encouraging words. I am running this race for them–especially the injured ones! The women I’ve met and befriended through my running group BEST Foot Forward really are the best. In the last 12 hours, I’ve gotten a yard sign from the group, a good luck card from Coach Liz, and some amazing shoe bling from my friend Julianne (who’s totally going to BQ once she fully recovers from baby and injury!).


Anyone will tell you that I am not an emotional, mushy person, but I swear these girls bring it out of me. Good luck to everyone running a race tomorrow and pray (if you do that) to whatever god(s) that it doesn’t rain or that I don’t get struck by lightening.

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One thought on “Almost Go-Time (and I secretly feel emotions)

  1. I am thinking of you every minute this morning! Big, mushy, hug filled, “make Jung uncomfortable” LOVE!

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