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Calm the f* down and creating Plan B’s

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I woke up this morning to the sound of my fellow runners in a panic over this weekend’s marathon (There’s like 10 of us from my running group doing the half or full). On the Facebook event page, there was a lovely screen shot of one’s weather app with a lightening bolt for Saturday, and then frantic messages from a certain crazed individual (*cough* Jen) about what will happen if it rains or the race gets canceled. The collective anxiety made me bring out the big guns [Note: Sensitive viewers, please cover your eyes for this next bit]


One of the ways I deal with anxiety or stress is by ignoring it until I can’t. Because I’m busy this week and I can’t deal with obsessing over something that is ultimately out of my control, I’m not tolerating the freak outs. And, as I also pointed out to my friends, “This is Chicago. No one can predict the weather.”

With that said…Jeny sent me this awesome piece.

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — As runners get ready for the weekend, they should also be ready for rain and maybe even thunderstorms. It could start just in time for the start of the race, but organizers say, rain or shine, the run will go on. But, it won’t happen if there’s lightning in the sky. If anyone living along the route is interested in letting runners into their homes for shelter in case of a storm, organizers ask them to place a sign in the yard welcoming them.

Yes, that would be news suggesting runners might need to take cover in case of inclement weather. During a race. Lovely. I knew I wanted to meet new people while running. I just didn’t imagine it would happen during life-threatening conditions in the middle of a marathon.

Either way, I fretted for a minute, but then fired up my Google browser and found at least 3 other marathons within driving distance–1 even for this weekend. Worst case scenario, we do the race as a half marathon and continue driving on to a Plan B. There’s a marathon in Indiana Sunday morning. Or a marathon next weekend in Kenosha. But again, this is all for naught until we see Saturday morning. I tend to be impulsive, which might explain how I take things in stride at times. We’ve trained so hard for this, that I. WILL. MAKE. THIS. WORK. But seriously, if it’s just raining, maybe it will make us run faster…in between the chafing. And if you cry or pee while doing it, all the better to hide it.

I even bought nail polish to get in the mood! It’s a bunch of girls doing a mini road trip to run a race. I felt like there needed to be some celebratory activities.I plan on painting one nail yellow for luck (for Boston). I swear I don’t really have any university/team pride, though. I never went to a football game–or actually, any sporting event during my time at U of I. The color combo isn’t the best either, but maybe it will all make me feel better.

All of this is about trying to work on my mindset this week. I joke with Jen about visualization and stuff, but I do feel like it’s important. It’s hard because tapering frees up alot of time for you to obsess about things and wonder about everything and whether your training is solid. To alleviate any obsessiveness about my physical well-being, I went to see my myofascial guy Craig. I swear it says something about me that I keep paying men to make it hurt so good. Ha. Seriously, though, my ankles and Achilles have been tight that I was nervous about hurting myself during the race. I don’t bruise that easily, but I swear if I did, my bruises would have bruises after that.

I don’t feel great, but I’m trying to make sure I get enough sleep–whatever “enough” means. I’m doing slightly pared down versions of the runs, well Tuesday’s anyway. I was supposed to do 5x400s w/ 400 recovery. I did 4. It was crazy windy, though, and I am fighting feeling heavy and tired. I am practicing my little mantras of “you’re strong enough” and “trust the training.” As nerdy as it sounds, I plan on writing “strong enough” next to my pace bracelet and watch.

Anyhow, speaking of sleep, it’s past my bedtime. Pray to whoever the patron saint of weather is. Or runners. And someone give me the Cliff’s notes version of how to run a marathon in a storm.

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