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Countdown to Champaign, and Patriot’s Day (aka Boston Marathon) is here

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The last few days have been intense. I’ve had 5 academic presentations in 4 days in 2 locations (at a conference and on campus), 2 kids’ birthday parties, a graduate school open house, last long run before marathon, and the usual overload of work. I was essentially turned away from the second kids’ birthday party and ordered to get more coffee. The words “frumpy face” may have been used to describe my look. Or it could be my regular resting b*tch face. Still, I savored the opportunity to have some silence and seek solace in the bottom of an iced coffee before entering the madness of cupcakes and bouncy house.

It’s finally here, the week of the marathon. I’m working on getting a mental game plan for the race. While I’ve not stood in front of the mirror and chanted positive mantras to myself, I’m beginning to think about visualization of the race and strategy. Do you like all of my qualifiers and refusal to commit? Beginning to think about. Geez.

I did print out a map of the course, and I’m planning on comparing my pace band estimated times, locations, and using the Google fly-through. it’s harder to visualize crossing the finishing line holding Jen’s hand (as threatened/promised) without wanting to collapse in giggles, or wondering what it will feel like to curse and cry in front of another person at mile 22, but we’ll see. I’m holding off on race day outfit planning as of yet, as the weather is being unpredictable.

I saw a friend at the conference I hadn’t seen in awhile. Sadly, she told me she felt like she was coming down with something. I still hugged her good-bye, but I did double-think it for a moment. I should probably go buy the vitamin C and Airborne she was talking about getting for herself, ha. We are never promised tomorrow, though, and I would feel horrible if my last contact with her was an air high-five. I’m morbid, I know.

Random things, I realized during the conference: I’m awkward, and feel even more nerdy/awkward when I’m around other academics, which seems paradoxical; I drink way too much coffee and felt unable to stop talking a couple times; There are some people who live within a few miles of me I still only see at conferences, whether in town or out of town; Sometimes i wish I could find a way to close my eyes and sleep in public acceptably; Eating birthday cake twice in one day is too much cake; While I can’t describe it, I feel like academics have a certain look that makes them easily identifiable. I haven’t determined yet if I have this look.

i’m going to keep this post brief as I need to work on playing sleep catch up for the week. Boston is finally here. It’s been fun following some of my favorite run bloggers doing their bib pick up and getting excited about running. It makes me want it even more. While I know I have to prepare myself with the possibility of not qualifying (or not making the registration cut off with a speedy-enough time buffer), I can’t help but think I’ll be crushed if I don’t.

Love that logo

The upside of the spring marathon (which, I feel has few upsides) is that you can recover and train well for another marathon in the fall. And since Jenny is missing out on Boston this year, I’ll run another to get her qualified in the fall for Boston 2016. I guess one thing about pursuing a bucket goal is that you can keep reaching for it till you kick the bucket–hm, I’m not sure if that sounds more hopeful or morbid. Again, morbid.

One final thing. On my drive earlier, I almost hit a guy running. At night. In the rain. In all black. With no reflective gear/lights. People, don’t be stupid. If you’re going to run outside at night in the rain, make sure people can see you. At the minimum, wear clothing with some reflective strips. But preferably, wear a reflective vest, blinking lights, and/or a headlamp.


Me at Ragnar last year with vest, light-colored clothing, and headlight.

Thanks to running Ragnar (6-12 person relay covering ~200 miles nonstop) two years in a row, I now own all these things (you are required to have several of these items for the team and everyone has to have a reflective vest).


Part of my team from Ragnar 2013. Those are some sexy outfits, huh?

P.S. I’m beginning to realize that I’m not much of a “photo person,” meaning I’m not the person that’s always taking pictures of my life. This blog seems to reinforce my general lack of awareness in doing this. I have huge swathes of my life that have gone undocumented because no one in my family was a big photo taker. I realized in getting ready to write this blog entry that I did not take a single picture of my friends this weekend. Oh, I did take one conference-related photo. My friend Susan and I have started a tradition of purchasing make-up at a conference together. I’m not sure why, it just happened. Anyhow, the timing was so hard this trip, that I had to purchase some after she left–in homage. Ha.

Does anyone else have any weird rituals/traditions they do with friends? 

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