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Some weeks you wish would hurry up and end…

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This week is one of them, except it brings me that much closer to some major deadlines next week. Wah wah wah.

It’s the first week of the taper, yet it still feels really brutal for my runs. I tried to do the interval workout on Tuesday, but it ended up being fartleks (i.e., random attempts at hitting the intervals and then giving up/walking/gasping and then trying again). I just could not put the energy into it. It was also on the treadmill as the streets/tracks were wet and not conducive to doing intervals (or so Jen and I convinced ourselves)friend? As long as someone backs you up, your self-lies are totally true.

I rewarded myself with a slow, very easy run Wednesday. It was crazy foggy when I was running by the school track! We’ve had alot of wacky spring weather this week.I also consoled myself with a giant chocolate Easter bunny later that day (post-Easter sale, baby!). I’ve decided that milk chocolate is weird and leaves a gross after-taste. It did not stop me from eating the whole bunny. Sigh. Next time, I will go for the solid dark chocolate bunny instead of the hollow milk chocolate one. Live and learn, kids.

I like to call this “Evolution of Addiction.” Or “What happened to my

One thing that did weird me out a bit browsing the post-Easter clearance awesomeness at Target was a coffee clatch of soccer moms camped out in the middle of the aisle talking about the mean-ness of “the third grade girls.” There were also alot of other women in the aisle grabbing Easter baskets and stuffed rabbits like it was the opening day of a major designer at Target. I wanted to get more stuff (funny how I’m doing the same thing…), but the group’s loud and impassioned discussion about third grade girls and the way they took over the aisle creeped me out so I ran away with just my chocolate bunnies. Sad face.

Today’s tempo run also went badly. I wanted to curl up on the treadmill and cry myself to sleep after doing the first tempo mile. It was blazing hot in there, which did not help at all. I usually don’t sweat that much, but my shirt was drenched. I took an obligatory selfie of my nastiness cuz I think that’s what bloggers do. I was discrete. Ha.Furthermore, my treadmill was trapped on the channel with “Kelly and Michael” (formerly of Regis and Kelly). I have to say that Kelly Ripa frightens me (what’s with this post and being scared?!). She is so rigid/tight in her posture and appearance, that she looks like she might crack. And maybe it’s just jealousy, but I felt like she was purposely trying to flex every opportunity she had. I supposed I should laud her for her dedication and to working on being strong. Blah blah blah. She scares me.

The reason I ran inside this time was because it was raining cats and dogs. Seriously, at a couple points, driving in the rain was almost like white out conditions. Is there a word for that? A grey/rain out?

And because we live in an old house, I was going downstairs periodically to make sure our basement wasn’t flooding.

Jenny finally got her verdict about Boston. She’s not running. She has messed up ligaments and a potential fracture, so her doctor put her in a plaster cast to immobilize it completely and speed up the healing process. We’re still hoping she’ll be good to go to run Ragnar in June. I feel like I would have to run with a cardboard cutout of her if she can’t do it. But let’s not even go there! She’ll be better by then… Anyhow, she’s super-bummed and rightly so, but I told her that now she can just work on healing up and re-qualifying so we (“fingers crossed”) can just run it together in 2016! Obviously, that’s assuming this training plan doesn’t kill me and that my sheer force of will in finishing training will get me to BQ at Champaign. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll just have to run whatever marathon Jenny does and make her drag me along–literally.

Jen (I know, there are way too many people with that name in my life) have made a blood oath to cross the finish line at Champaign together, holding hands, crying, and possibly peeing ourselves. Ok, she might not have said that last part…and it might not have been a blood oath. It may have been conveyed through emojis, but you know, same thing.

I feel like my brain’s not working and I’m rambling, so I’ll leave you with all that.

Do you buy candy post-clearance at Target?

Milk chocolate versus dark? Hollow vs solid? 

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