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Some random photos and thoughts on a recovery run day

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I have a 20 miler in the morning, so obviously I need to fuel up.

Today’s early morning run was canceled because we were weak and used our fear of rain as an excuse. It didn’t rain until after we would have finished. We are just burnt out. Last long run this weekend.

The sun came out though, and I squeaked in a short 4.5 miles (not the scheduled 7). We also got to sneak in some fun sun time outside.

Jen and I are out of control with the emojis on messenger. Someone has to stop us.

Finally I had to stalk my hair stylist to find his new place of work. It’s serious stuff, one’s hair. I love him. He’s Asian and know how to work with my hair. I know everyone says Asian hair is so perfect blah blah blah, but it has its quirks!

Anyone else obsessed with emojis/stylists? 

Best/worst pre long run food?

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Marathoner. Academic. Mom of 2 ankle-biters.

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