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A homeless man once told me that I “ain’t got no kind of ass”

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Today, reading an old Running Times article (more on that in a minute), I realized that he was right. I have a weak, lazy butt. BUT (haha), that doesn’t mean I have to take it laying around! I’ve been having some wonkiness with my knees and ankles. I figured it was all IT band stuff–the root of all runner evils. But now I’m beginning to wonder if it IS weak glutes. Especially since one of the clues to identifying this “form flaw” is post-run mud smudges on your calves. I had previously thought that either I needed to work on my kick or that it was just a muddy run when this happened.

2015-03-12 12.42.14

I’m rethinking this theory now. I’ve done PT in the past for weak glutes and hip flexors…oh, and IT band… GRR. Like any good runner, I promptly stop doing all exercises and forget any newly gleaned knowledge the minute my sessions are done. So I dug out my old therabands…some of them cracked from age, so it might be time to get some new ones. Anyhow, the article isn’t the most well-written in terms of describing the exercises to help remediate some of this. I found some super short YouTube videos here and here by the coach/trainer cited in the article, David Scott. I’m a more visual person in general, but exercises are hard to explain anyway so I appreciate the demo. I’m about 4 weeks out, so perfect time to squeeze in some strength training to the NONE I’ve been doing.

Back to why I had an old Running Times. Someone recently posted on my local running group Facebook page asking if anyone wanted their old Runner’s World magazines. I already have a subscription, but someone else offered up their old Running Times magazines. *cha-ching* I’ve wanted to check out Running Times for awhile as rumor has it that it’s the “serious” runner’s magazine. Of course that means I feel like I’m not serious enough for it. Even though I’ve been running for a long time. And I’m not sure how “serious” you have to be to browse a magazine. 2015-03-28 19.14.38Anyhow, I picked them up today, and I actually squealed in excitement–especially when I saw that she (Deanna) had snuck in some Ultra Running magazines for “inspiration” as she put it. [On a side note, Deanna is an awesome coach/trainer/race director/runner/Ironman triathlete extraordinaire. You can check her out here]. The level of runnerdiness that is exemplified in squealing in excitement over a magazine called Ultra Running is beyond words. Does anyone else get excited over ridiculously dorky things like that? Which reminds me of a joke: “A marathoner, a vegan, and a cross-fitter all walk into a bar. I only know because they let everyone in the bar know within 2 minutes.” I’ve also seen a version of that with the marathoner swapped out with an atheist. Ha.

Speaking of actual running…today was long run day. An “easy” 12. Somehow it didn’t feel that easy. I will admit that at mile 4.6, there was a fair amount of swearing (mostly from me, though I was not alone) cuz it felt so much longer. It was cold–grr, 20 degrees. And darkish when we started. All factors contributing to the decreased enjoyment of the run. But it was good little crew, Jen, my friend Emily who’s doing some serious training for a half, and my friend Patty who qualified for Boston last fall and is going in 2016 (though the way she talks about herself, you would think she was the slowest runner ever). We made some wisecracks, though, talked babies, periods, “the change,” and kids barfing. The usual Saturday morning mom runner chatter. 🙂  It got a bit easier, although I am the route master and I made us end going up and down the only hill around here.

2015-03-28 08.36.25

Patty’s plan called for 14 miles, so she didn’t make it in the picture. 😦

I am not a good selfie-taker. I think part of it is that I have a big face so I am not inclined to be the one closest to the camera. It’s true. It’s a Korean thing. That’s why Margaret Cho was like passing out from hunger but didn’t look “thin enough” when she was doing her sitcom American Girl. They have surgeries in Asia to “fix” that. But I won’t be shaving done my bone structure any time soon. OR EVER. I also get tired of everyone looking so perfect in their running blogs, so I’m trying to keep it real. HA. BTW, Jen and I are wearing the same Sugoi running hoody. I would like to mention that I bought it first, well at least an earlier iteration of it (my first one is smurf blue). Well, actually, my friend Yolanda (my first running friend!) bought it for me. But I had it first. Not that it’s a competition or anything…

Anyhow, tomorrow is rest/easy/crosstraining day. Woohoo! Hope everyone has a good one.

Favorite strengthening exercises? Running magazines? 

When do you think you’re a “serious” runner?

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