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Cuz even God took a day off

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Yesterday was a very well-deserved (in my humble opinion) rest day. And I was thankful since God decided it would be really hilarious to punch us in our hopeful spring gut with 4 inches of snow. So I walked out into this. I was grateful to have done the 20 miler the day before at least.

2015-03-23 08.44.02 2015-03-23 08.34.16

I decided to get a massage. I have wonky ankles. Like my ridiculously small wrists, I have small and weak ankles (which only serve to accentuate my radish leg calves, sigh). I used to sprain them every year. No joke. Thankfully I’ve been doing some strengthening, being more careful, and keeping up with their general maintenance, so it happens less frequently. Most recently, I was seeing someone for myofascial trigger point massage therapy (message me if you want his info!). He uses this crazy sound machine (similar to ultrasound except it’s sound waves), which sounds like a doppler radar when it encounters inflammation and can hurt like the dickens. He’s pretty focused on treatment, though, and I decided I needed more of an all-around tune-up so I went to see Bill.

I’ve also been working with a massage therapist (Bill Underwood)), in my chiropractor’s office the last 2 years or so. He doesn’t work in that office anymore, but he does massage out of his home on Chicago’s northside–as well as working as a running coach and for Roadrunner Sports in Chicago. If you want results, and you don’t mind a massage that makes you want to curl into the fetal position and weep softly, Bill is your guy. He zeroes in on your tight and tender points like children to cookies. I had been having some weird tightness around my left knee, and he went to town on my left hip and IT band (which I did not realize were tight). It’s awesome that he’s a massage therapist, running coach, and big runner as he knows what will get tight, what causes what, and what to do to keep you moving. I did joke during it, though, that I have fantasies about getting bodywork done where I don’t cringe in pain or want to cry during it. Maybe after the spring marathon…If this kind of masochistic treatment is right down your alley, you can contact him at  I do believe that regular massages last year kept me running un-injured through all 4 marathons (I think folks call that prehab).

It was funny, though, we ended up talking alot about various runners we follow and some of the races that just happened like the LA Marathon. And we ended up talking about my pet project, which is following (and fan supporting) more American distance runners of color. I realized that during the Boston Marathon, everyone was really hyped up about Kara Goucher, but Desi Linden (nee Avila) totally ran better than her. Yet there was very little press around her, and I began to wonder about it. And you can see this similarly in the adoration of Ryan Hall (although his spectacular attempt to return to the marathon in LA, only to drop out after his wife passed him, indicates this is flagging) I know that distance running in general (in America) tends to be a very white sport, but that’s all the more reason to support runners of color. So at some point, Bill (who is African-American) and I might work on something together…like some horribly ill-named blog like “these colors do run.” Stay tuned.

Finally, because I work a little distance from home, I spend a good amount of time in the car. Most of my radio time is spent listening to Chicago Public Radio. I caught the Afternoon Shift yesterday, and there was a segment on there about “streaming infidelity,” “cheating” on your friend or partner by watching something without them, even though you may have promised or indicated you’d watch something together (and you’re a mean, weak-willed individual who can’t control yourself from the promise of instant gratification and on-demand viewing). Th  at last bit is my own commentary on myself, ha, as I may (or may not) have just done this to my husband. It was an interesting bit, though, about how technology has changed our viewing habits and some psychological/couples talk about what it really means to the person wronged by the other’s viewing habits. You should check it out if you can here. And here’s a random shot I took of one of my favorite driving bits in Chicago–under the el on Lake St. It’s totally like a video game! 2015-03-23 16.19.31

So have you ever “cheated” on your partner or friend by watching ahead in a show without them? Do you think it’s a big deal?

Who are your favorite American distance runners of color?

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