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Don’t fall asleep in front of me


FIRST, a piece of exciting news. I’m going to run Chicago. I was back and forth about it because of the cost (the cost of two smaller marathons), and I’ve run it four times before. However, it’s fun to do your hometown’s big race, and my family can come see me run without it being a big deal. Plus, I love Chicago. They call it the city of big neighborhoods (whoever “they” is), and you get to run lots of them, from Chinatown and Pilsen (a mostly Mexican neighborhood), from north to south. Awesome. And the final kicker was that, this year, they guaranteed entry for women with a time under 3:45. I squeaked in with a handful of seconds. Literally. HA. I submitted my qualifying time from last fall and just got my approval. Hooray!


I joke that one of the reasons I run is to eat. It’s not really a joke. More like THE TRUTH. Anyhow, I’m pretty sure I read that you should have a good mix of protein and carbs before a run. I think chicken and waffles fits that description…Although I also decided to have poutine the night before a marathon once. I realize now that poutine is not a good pre-race meal (for all those who don’t know what poutine is and are too lazy to Google it, it’s french fries with cheese and gravy–mostly hailing from our neighbors to the north, and I’m not talking about Wisconsin).

2015-03-20 18.25.29

We went to dinner tonight with some friends (yes, Anne, I am publicly calling you a friend). My daughter fell asleep in the car and promptly submerged back into sleep when we got to the restaurant (she awoke long enough to walk from car to restaurant). I tried valiantly to keep her awake with graham crackers in the car, but all that led to was a crumby preschooler (ha, get it? crumby/crummy?! yeah yeah, puns are a dying art). Lately, she’s been complaining about being tired but refuses to nap. When she falls asleep, though, she is out like the dead. As an immature and childish individual, who also happens to be a parent, I could not resist the lure of Legos that my husband had brought with him for the kids and my nearly comatose daughter. Thus I present my photo submission for mom of the year. Gulliver’s Travels-style Legos and child.

2015-03-21 18.03.46

2015-03-21 18.01.02

2015-03-21 18.02.11

Years ago (but when I was still an adult), my younger brother and I were play fighting and my mom just looked at me and said, “I can’t believe you’re a teacher.” Snarf snarf.

Today’s run was cut a little short. It was supposed to be an easy 7, but my day got too busy and it was late in the day. I cut it to 5 to save my leaden legs a bit before tomorrow’s 20. I inhaled some more bugs on the trail. Gross. How is it that they emerge out of winter hibernation so quickly?! That is one thing about warmer weather I didn’t miss.

Do you ever act more ridiculously childish than your children?

Worst pre-race meal idea?

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2 thoughts on “Don’t fall asleep in front of me

  1. The poutine pre marathon last June was the first and last time I will ever eat it! I still get queasy thinking about it! Not a good pre-race meal!


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