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Spring has finally officially arrived!


And not just cuz the calendar told me. But because it was christened officially by the first bug inhalation of the season. Mmm, protein.

This week’s training cycle has been all weird. Since I can’t do my long run Saturday because of a work thing, we’re doing it Sunday instead. Jen (my training partner/friend) and I shifted everything over a day. Which means my fantastically busy and difficult week ended with a 10 mile tempo run. Yeeeaaahhhhhh…

2015-03-20 11.36.01

I told you my GPS watch was big! Although admittedly, I have freakishly small wrists.

It wasn’t a straight/simple tempo run, but a mix of marathon tempo and “real” tempo. I had to write it down on my hand cuz it was too much to remember. I spaced, though, and didn’t realize the last 2 tempo miles were at the faster pace, so I was quite unpleasantly surprised when I looked at my hand to see what was up. There may have been some loud cries of displeasure.

I saw two lovely birds on my run in the woods–a woodpecker and a blue-ish larger bird (I was too far away when it flew off. I think it might have been a heron, though). I tried to take pictures of both, but I was too slow. I also saw my friend Kat running on the trail. You know there are not enough Asian-American runners when the only Asian person you see on the path is someone you know! I blame (at least for the Korean segment of the Asian population) the fear of getting big legs (I’ll have to write about that another time though. There’s even a word for it in Korean!).

After such a rough week of work and training, my legs were tight and took awhile to loosen up into the run. The tempo miles were rough, and I’m not sure I hit or held all of them (I’m having trouble getting the data from the run for some reason). One thing I focused on, though, was trying to keep running even if I backed off the pace. I figured it was better to keep running and not stop, even if it was not exactly on-pace. Insert metaphor about life, struggle, etc. HA

As my post-run treat, I had this:

2015-03-20 11.32.18

Post-run recovery drink in COFFEE form. There IS a God 🙂 It was pretty good. Not Dunkin’ Donuts iced sugary goodness good, but not bad for a protein recovery drink. I tend to blend my protein recovery drinks with almond milk, bananas, and frozen berries to make it more palatable. This one, I just threw in my protein drink shaker with ice and water. You can definitely taste the espresso (in a good way) and it was sweetened, but I did miss the crazy sweetness of the DD. I got this sample through a monthly subscription box I get, so I didn’t buy it. I would consider buying it in the future if I saw it.

Speaking of DD, I got THIS by accident the other day. I ordered a large and they gave me an extra-large by accident. That thing is huge. I tried to convince myself to not finish it. Didn’t happen. Drank every last drop.

2015-03-19 10.29.55

Not the most enlightened or exhilarating post today, but we had another bout of sickness in the house and too many super-early mornings. I’m just glad everyone is alive, healthy again, and nobody did anything too horrible. Keepin’ the expectations low, my friends. Hope everyone had a great first day of spring and has a great weekend!

Author: runNerdier

Marathoner. Academic. Mom of 2 ankle-biters.

2 thoughts on “Spring has finally officially arrived!

  1. Hi Jung, thank you for sharing your personal thoughts and experience for our enjoyment. Reading your blog inspires me and encourages me to go out and do speed training. Oh and congratulations for expanding your readers internationally. Not sure this counts but I’m half Korean, born and grew up in Seoul, and my mom used to compare my legs to a daikon radish. But the other half is Japanese, and Japanese like running and watching running events, so maybe I got more Japanese side. Anyway good luck with your training and I hope you will make BQ time.


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