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Where the tooth fairy (and my training schedule) is a thing of nightmares


The last two days have been rest or easy days. I desperately wanted to get to a yoga class yesterday, but my schedule was a tough one. Too many moving parts that never quite synced up. Mondays are generally hard for everyone, but this week was going to be particularly rough. I have a new class kicking off tonight and meetings almost every day that require me to be on campus. I know, boohoo, you have to actually show up at your job to work? But seriously, I chose to be a professor precisely so I didn’t have to go to the same place everyday at the same time. True story. About 14 years ago, I had this conversation with my husband/then-boyfriend:

Me: I cannot handle this going to work everyday to the same place. At the same time. It’s brutal.

E: You realize that you just described working in general right? Like that is what a JOB is.

Me: No, there is a job out there that I won’t have to do that. I will find it!

I know, reach for those starry-eyed dreams, folks. You too can fulfill them. Ha. Anyhow, this week’s training schedule is brutal too. It makes me tired looking at it–like tired in a “I’m going to softly cry to myself and crawl back in bed. Wake me when it’s over” kind of way. Up for bat today, a 9+ mile run that involves 5x1000s, Thursday’s speed is a 10 mile tempo, and the two “easy” runs this week are 7 and 8 miles. Oh, and then this weekend is the first 20 miler. Wanna cry yet? I do.

Finally, our house has been one discussing teeth alot. My son has lost two teeth already (within a short timeframe) and insists another is loose. All of his teeth came in quickly as a baby, so I guess they’re falling out in succession (I still remember his wails of terror when I told him that all his teeth would fall out as he got older. It IS a bizarre thing). Anyhow, we have not done the tooth fairy in my house. Mostly through laziness than any specific principle. I started wondering what the tooth fairy was even about. It seems one of those bizarre old rituals stemming from way back when. It’s not. It’s only been around in its more familiar incarnation the last 30-40 years and really maybe since the 1920’s in a similar fashion. Before that, there’s discrepancies. Ultimately, the realized that losing teeth is traumatic and sad for child and parent. So people would burn teeth (something about the afterlife), leave teeth for rats or mice (so their children’s teeth would grow in as strong as a rodents), bury them (or dispose of them in some other fashion) to prevent witches from gaining access to them to use in magic against you, or even feed them to animals like dogs or hogs (again so your children’s teeth would grown in strong like theirs). All in all, none of the stories made me particularly interested in pursuing the tooth fairy in our house. More defense for lazy parenting, I know. My son DID swallow his first tooth and then promptly lost his second one somewhere in his room so it’s been easy to ignore.

I didn’t have any great pictures for this post. I thought about putting up some of the “evil tooth fairy” pictures I googled, but I’ll save you those nightmares.

Do you participate in the tooth fairy ritual in your house? Why or why not? And how much do you give?

Any tricks to getting through hard weeks (training or otherwise)? 

Author: runNerdier

Marathoner. Academic. Mom of 2 ankle-biters.

6 thoughts on “Where the tooth fairy (and my training schedule) is a thing of nightmares

  1. I always thought that there was money involved and you just save that money for new teeth, it was something like that my grandmother told me…she was an alcoholic though so never mind lol

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  2. my grandma didn’t have teeth for most of the time i knew her. she had a whole upper bridge, so maybe your gradma was on to something…


  3. Hard running weeks/days are the worst. I try to tell myself that I can run as slow as I want, I just have to get going. USUALLY when I do this, I’m able to get up to my normal speed quickly. 🙂


    • Ooof, I agree. Except the “hard” part of this week’s runs are also about speed! The are days where you wonder why we do this?! Like right now, it’s 5:10 and 32 degrees, and I’m leaving the house in 20 minutes for a run. Oy.


  4. We did the tooth fairy thing for our girls — Amy even had one of her sisters fake the tooth fairy’s voice on the telephone once. But our girls figured out that it was a scam pretty quickly.


    • Well, Bill, I think you are a much cooler/dedicated parent than I in general, and a more disciplined academic 🙂 Don’t you remember my, “Bill is my hero” FB post awhile ago? I will have to add this to my, “More ways I can be like Bill” list.


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