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Crying on the run and other reasons I listen to podcasts


This winter I started listening to podcasts during my runs. Some of the women I run with were talking about the podcasts and audiobooks they listened to on runs. Now, I’d done an audiobook while running exactly once. It was ok, but I didn’t have a deep need to go back to it. Podcasts are perfect run-sized bites of audio stories, though, and this was the height of NPR’s “Serial” podcast-mania. I got hooked. I got to listen to amazing, funny, sad, curious stories AND run at the same time. I still listen to music sometimes, but I like having options. Before listening to podcasts on runs, I listened to music or to the awesome Zombies, Run! app. For various reasons, but mostly ones involving losing/breaking multiple phones, I had had to switch from a Droid to the iPhone and was too cheap to repurchase all 3 seasons of the Zombies app. I’m just waiting for season 4. Anyhow…back to my point.

I was catching up on Radiolab, and their “Fu-Go” episode had me choking back tears at one point. The episode was about a Japanese mission in the 1940’s to terrorize Americans that involved 9000 paper balloons, the jetstream, and bombs. Totally fascinating and not something I had ever heard about. I won’t get too much into the bigger sotry, but there’s a point where one of the interviewees (I think her name was Cora. One of the downsides of podcasts is you’re not always sure about names) talks about two army trucks coming through her small Pacific Northwest town. A Japanese woman and her child jump out of one of the trucks and beg for water as it was incredibly hot outside. Cora, who was about 16 at the time, jumps and gets some water. But her mother won’t let her out to give it to the woman and child, because people had started throwing rocks at the convoy. These were two trucks headed to the Japanese internment camps at Tule Lake. And Cora was so upset retelling the story she had to stop. She said she was so hurt by how these people in her town treated a woman and a CHILD, that she couldn’t speak about it for forty years and that she prayed for them. So I cried as I ran for all that has been wrong in our pasts, and the ways people on all sides of issues have been hurt by those wrongs.

Thankfully, that doesn’t happen with every podcast. That is definitely a reason I won’t download the Storycorps podcast. I cry enough when I catch them on randomly in the car on NPR. I don’t need to subject myself to it on all my runs too! I do love, though, that I can run and learn something, become more empathetic, and be a better person all-around 🙂

Today’s run, though, despite the tears, was a good one. Spring seems to definitely be here! Beautiful blue sky, sun, and the beginnings of flowers! Nice to feel some warmth and have hope. And right now is the lull between winter doldrums and spring allergy agony. So enjoy it folks. I even took the opportunity to do much of my run on the grass, since it’s still somewhat frozen but thawed enough to be a bit springy. It was a nice break from the pounding on the concrete.

2015-03-12 12.42.14

I think this means I need to work in kicking back straighter??

2015-03-12 12.38.39

I love how the little flower in the bottom left is popping out from its bulb (?)

Yesterday was a long and rough day. I had promised final grades for a class that finished, and i had lots of meetings, and I taught at night. So it was a double-Dunkin day. I did restrain myself a bit and got a medium black instead of the large doctored one for the second round. Needless to say, I didn’t have a chance to blog much.

2015-03-11 10.38.30 2015-03-11 20.44.12

Hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the weather, and that there’s sun, warmth, and hope for you!

What are your favorite podcasts?

Do you ever cry on runs?

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8 thoughts on “Crying on the run and other reasons I listen to podcasts

  1. NPR – This American Life
    AMR – Another Mother Runner


  2. Good story. Am I allowed to read this even if I don’t run? Ever?


  3. NPR–Fresh Air interviews with Terry Gross.


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