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Running alone, running away

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“Bleeeeeeeeeech! But all that great alone time thinking will be so wonderful…bhahahaha!”

Those were the final words a friend messaged to me right before I headed out for a very windy and lonely 18 miles. I have some professional obligations, so I couldn’t do my long run Saturday with the usual crew. While many see running as a solitary sport, in the last couple of years, it’s been anything but. I have an amazing crew of women I run with locally, and while I enjoy running alone at times, not for 18 miles. I joke about running as a way to escape my family (“joke” ha), but it’s also a way to escape the noise in my head. It’s a way of connecting physically with the world (since my job is so cerebral) and of getting out of my own head. That’s why–when my iPod died at mile 10 because of the cold–I swore loudly to myself and braced myself for a brutal remaining 8 miles. Fortunately, it decided it was incrementally warmer and revived itself around mile 12.

2015-03-06 12.17.21

One of the lovely things about running locally and living near so many Frank Lloyd Wright homes is it’s always fun to explore. I’m not sure if this is a FLW home–it’s definitely Prairie Style, but I was intrigued by the way the shadows played along the windows. Sadly, camera phones never do these things justice.

I started out listening to some podcasts on the run, but it was too slow for me on such a difficult run, so I switched to hip-hop. One thing that drives me nuts about hip-hop is how paradoxical it can be, misogynystic and materialistic one minute and self-critical/aware the next. As an example, one song compared a certain intimate act with drugs to a vacuum and carpet. Um, yeah. The next song critiqued (and I’m paraphrasing here) themselves for “weeping for a week” after the shooting of Trayvon Martin but then going out and “shooting a n**r blacker than me.”

2015-03-06 21.45.35

I don’t own much pink clothing, but managed to somehow color-coordinate and wear all my pink at once, my pink Newtons, pink headband, and pink-piped cold weather running hoody. The hood and foldover mitts on this top were awesome as it helped block alot of the wind. I made the amateur mistake of not taking wind into consideration and spent the first half of the run heading straight into 18mph gusts.

Finished off a package of rock-hard Stingers (fruit smoothie flavor). They froze in the cold. I decided I like them better than the Clif Shot Blocks, more natural and gummy-like than the Blocks. This was also my first time trying the Hammer Gel. It was Nocciola flavor, which is like Nutella. The chocolate flavor was good, but it had a slight aftertaste I found somewhat unpleasant–maybe from the hazelnut? I’ve recently discovered that I have an aversion/sensitivity to raw hazelnuts, but don’t seem bothered by Nutella (thank God!).

I did have a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee today. I think they accidentally gave me some raspberry flavored coffee, which was weird. Did you miss my daily picture?

What’s your favorite building/landmark to run by?

Clif Shot Blocks vs. Stingers?

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